Jan. 2nd, 2016

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Yesterday was quite good although I was very,very tired by the time the dinner had been cooked and I'd done all the washing up. So I watched Wreck It Ralph and re-watched Tangled which were on the telly followed by the new Sherlock.

I really liked Wreck-It Ralph actually, though I missed the beginning. It was very cleverly done and quirky. Tangled had me in tears, as is the norm for most films these days. It's just that her parents look SO SAD and they've been missing their daughter for EIGHTEEN YEARS and it's all just heartbreaking.

Sherlock I...Cut for SPOILERS )

Today I and The Family went to a nearby town and to Primark and then around the shops. I paid so I am feeling suddenly very poor although I did get another Harry Potter themed t-shirt and a Harry Potter themed jumper. Just a shame that some of the t-shirs with HP quotes on were not nice enough for me to buy despite the quotes being good. And there was an Iron Man t-shirt which would've been awesome if it hadn't been semi-see through!

Got some new trainers for Deichmann's anyway, which has been a desperate need as my old ones let water in. As it hasn't stopped raining for what feels like the whole year, but is at least most of Autumn and all of Winter so far, shoes that let water in are a terrible, terrible thing. At least until my webbed feet and gills come in.

The mood soured towards the end because Nanny got tired but is stubborn so it took ages to cajole her to stop and have a hot chocolate, and then it was all petty stuff on the way home with everyone winding everyone else up. Oh and apparently I've got to cook sunday dinner tomorrow as well. I am not impressed. Also, I hate beef and I hate gravy. It never works.

Cheered myself up by playing with my new colouring book and starting to listen to the Big Finish Dorian Grey which still_lycoris has lent me. I'm liking it so far, although Oscar Wilde sounded rather cooler in the first episode than, according to Stephen Fry, he actually was. (I watched a programme about Stephen Fry the other night and he discussed starring in Wilde and getting to snog Michael Sheen and Jule Law etc phwoar. And he said whilst researching he met someone who had known Wilde and imitated his voice which was much more clipped-vowel-high-pitched than Fry played it because it would've been annoying.)

Added a few more fics to my tiny offerings for the 12 Days of Christmas challenge though, too. So that's good. Sadly, Mum was out then and she is now in and watching the telly so I don't know if I'll be able to get that focus back.


localfreak: avatar which I have used as mine since scarboard days 10 years ago (Default)

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