Jun. 13th, 2016

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Yesterday a terrible thing happened in America. A mass shooting at an lgbt night club, perpetrated by a man who apparently pledged allegiance to IS prior to the attack.
Apparently some people want to say that because this was an act of terrorism, it was not a hate crime which simply beggar’s believe. This was an act of terrorism. It was an act of hate and an act of prejudice.
My heart is aching for all those involved. For the victims of the attack, for the survivors, for the wounded, for those who escaped. For their friends, their co-workers, their families, their lovers and their children.
For every life that man has taken, so many have been irreparably affected. Children have lost parents, friends have lost friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, partners and lovers. Parents have lost their children.
I feel too for the shooter’s parents. According to the news so far he was born in new york, to parents who – judging by his age- would have gone to America possibly to escape the war and suffering in their original country. According to the news he had a son- what a burden to bear. What a weight. The shame and sorrow and hurt and anger they must feel.
The people have come together though, as people do in the face of tragedy and horror. Vigils are being held in cities all over the world, even as I write this. People are praying. People want to help. The BBC showed, in the immediate aftermath, the queues of people donating blood. Doing what they could.
We live in an astonishing age for lgbt rights and equality. If you had told me, aged fifteen, that gay marriage would exist, that section 28 would be rescinded- I don’t think I’d have believed it. And that wasn’t that long ago.
There is still prejudice however. Often populations take longer to catch up with the ideals of equality imbued by those with power to change things.
I hurt for those in Orlando, but I hurt too for all of us. Everyone who has seen the light of progress only to be reminded by this senseless, monstrous act, that prejudice does not end. But by strength, by solidarity, by vigils and prayers and marches and standing together we combat the hate. We must not hide. We must not be cowed or frightened because bullies thrive on fear. They thrive on our grief because they do not understand that grief makes people stronger. It makes them fight harder. It makes them love more fiercely and it brings people together. These murders were committed by a stupid hateful man. His actions do not reflect the beliefs of Muslims, or all men, or all New Yorkers. His actions were his and they were fuelled by hatred and idiocy- the idiocy, the ignorance and the gullibility that allows IS and others to brainwash and recruit people to their cause.
We cannot fight that with more hate. We must allow their hate to make us stronger as people. To hold each other close and to stand up to bullies and say that we will not be broken.


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