Mar. 28th, 2017

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I've got a few days off (OMG YAY) which I think is good because I suspect my mental health has been a lot worse than I've been aware of lately. I don't mean that in a poor poor baby me kind of way it's just I have been mega stressed with uni and rehearsals and stuff, which I am aware of, but even post-Hamlet when I no longer had that to worry about people I know just kept randomly asking if I was okay, was I sleeping, was I feeling okay and I ...mostly thought I was...I mean, still stressed (essay deadlines, work etc) but mostly just still really tired all the time. Anyway I've got a few days to sleep and recharge a bit. I finished my essay off at the weekend and submitted it, and am just about up to date on my e-lectures so that's feeling pretty good overall.

My Auntie I and the dog are away on holiday so on Saturday we took Nanny into town and did the shopping, before a very productive library session which resulted in all of us hauling a tote-bag full of books each away. :) I've already read one 'You Know Me So Well' by Nina LaCour and David Levithan which I really liked.

Today we went to Wales (slightly horrendous as the road I needed to use was closed so I had to handle a badly-signed diversion and a very scenic route back over a very terrifying bridge over the Dee) and I watched today's lecture live when I finally got the tech issues sorted and got in.

...and I was going to write more but I need to go eat something before I go out to singing. TTFN


localfreak: avatar which I have used as mine since scarboard days 10 years ago (Default)

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