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It is nearly done. Well- the scraping that is. Depite me being disgustingly adult and sensible and not going to see Batman last weekend but staying in to scrape walls there's just a little bit more to go still. After that I don't quite know what we do next- wash down the skirting boards and repaint? Or fill in the holes in the plaster? Or try and work out the cause of the Worringly Damp Bit above the boiler which may be caused by the gutter on the outside?

Now I've never been that keen on my bedroom. I didn't spend much time in it except when playing with my miniature dog collection as a child. I didn't like feeling closed off from what was going on downstairs and if I wanted room to play something else then it was just much nicer to pull down the ladder and climb up into the loft where my blackboard is. There was only really one think I liked about my room: my book case. Back then we didn't have any bookshelves downstairs so there was only this one book case for all my books (and the drawers under my bed, but they were mostly where I stored my video collection). What I didn't know- until we attempted to move it to get to the wall behind is that 1. it was screwed into the wall and 2. Nanny had cut it down specifically to fit that gap- without filtering in the skirting board. So when we attempted to move the bally thing it all went a bit wrong. So the bookshelf has been dismantled and is to go the tip.

I'm a little bit sad about it but not hugely so- after all I've been hoping to move anyway and it isn't like we don't now have bookshelves downstairs.

Except they've all got books on too. What this ultimately means is that at some point I am going to have to do another ruthless charity shopping/ebay selling cull of my books. It's quite hard, but the fact of the matter is that the majority that were in my room were ones I would not dream of parting with (the entire scripts of Blackadder, all the Vampire Chronicles, my oldest and most favourite poetry books, my favourite re-reads like What Katy Did, The Secret Garden, Harry and the Wrinklies and so on) which means that those downstairs which I keep but am not necessarily going to re-read too often may have to go. There are some that probably should- ones I bought but just haven't got round to reading and so on, but there are many others I am conflicted on. Take Breakfast With Scot which is a charming book about a gay couple attempting to raise a nephew who even at such an extremely young age is exhibiting behaviours that could imply the child is trans or otherwise on the genderqueer spectrum- on the one hand wanting to be good fathers and wanting to protect the child from bullies, on the same time knowing that they must tread carefully- is zie genderqueer or is it a young child merely acting out behaviours of his mother who has died? It's a lovely, sweet story...

But am I going to re-read it? Ever? And even trickier, it was bought in Foyles' Queer section- it's not as simple as getting rid of a book saying 'Well if I ever decide to read it again I can get it from the library', nor is it on ebook as far as a cursory google has shown.

*sigh* I foresee some tough decisions ahead. Work is about to be excruciatingly evil as Induction Begins Tomorrow DUN DUN DUUUH and goes on for weeks and weeks and weeks.


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