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Yesterday I had a hellishly stressful day in work, going on leave is never easy but knowing that when I go back on Wednesday my feet will not touch the floor with the amount of things I'll have to do and meetings I'll have to go to makes it far worse. I got in ready for my tea (as the sun had set) and to dash out to Poetry Group when I got a phonecall from my friend Anna. Due to illness, there was a sudden availably ticket and would I be able to come to see Rocky Horror at the theatre in a few hours?


It was awesome we had terrific fun. It is currently the 40th Anniversay of Rocky Horror. Anna and I first went to see Rocky Horror, at the same theatre, for the 30th Anniversary. The performance was really terrific, everyone danced the Time Warp and there were some amazing singers. OUTSTANDING.

We got out at 10pm, but there are no trains to our town between 9pm until the last train at 11.30pm so we found a quiet pub and caught up on news before going home. It was a wonderful, wonderful suprise!

Today I was unconcious until 9am when Mum called up the stairs and said she would be back from Mass in an hour and I was to be ready to go to dog sit at Nanny's whilst they went out. Fern and I spent a quiet day, I read a little, did some university work and took Fern out on a suprise walk, which she found quite exhausting. After they'd returned we came home and I did some Uni work and submitted my task responses and did a little writing. I've also had notification that the book I reserved has come into the Library, Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. I might leave it till Monday to take it out though, as I'm not likely to be reading it before then.
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