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Mrs M. came this weekend, as did the Radiator Man, so we now have all rooms that needed new radiators have them, and all rooms that needed wallpaper in, wallpapered. With that and the blinds which went in this week everything is starting to take shape a bit more. The only hard thing is the fact that somehow there always seems more to do. The next priorities are:


- cutting and installing picture rails (previous owners had removed them, mum says is ridiculous)

- finding out what we need to do about the pipe in the utility room (it needs..moving or something. I barely understand these things)

these are the key things now and we can start slowly bringing things in. I suggested to mum if we empty one of the bookshelves and take that in and put on it the books I'm unlikely to need urgently (so none of my study books) that would make a sizable dent in the amount of heavy things that need to be transported. After that I have to start working on things like broadband connections and sorting out the energy supply (prepaid meter is all very well when there is no one living there but it is economically unsound. I dislike things that are economically wobbly. Aside from that every time we turn the hot wate on I start thinking about money trickling away with the water I'm washing the dishes with, which is just unpleasant).

So yes. Stuff is moving. Life is crazy. I have so many commitments coming up I can't BREATHE and OH YAY DISSERTATION STUFF IS STARTED so I spent some hours this afternoon wading through my newest Sinfield. It's interesting but I'd forgotten quite how slow going reading-with-a-view-to-dissertation-stuffs can be. Every sentence is scrutinised and many copied out long hand and meticulously on the chance I will need to come back to it in a flurry of crazy-eyed inspiration. I am trying so hard to narrow my topic down but it's like an unstoppable force. I go to myself, you will focus on effeminiacy and then the little bit of me goes oh yes, yes, yes, fabe, fantabulosa, Jules and Sand, Graham Norton, Wilde, the fashion parade, oh and of course by definition resistance, hyper-masculinity bear culture and didn't you read an interesting book about queer culture around emasculation and its relation to colonial opression to non-white-british queers and you should probably include that and i wonder if these stereotypes die or just sink a bit you should talk about the 'gay best friend' on sale in tesco's and gok wan and how does that juxtapose with the matt of bromley types of previous voyages and is meterosexual man really dead in the water and what is a hipster anyway cybercultures and identity construction has this had an affect on queaniniess. should we celebrate it as our history and becoming as dyer thinks or sinfield kind of thinks we should bury it dead but at the same time theatre and luvvies and don't forget to talk about ian mckellen and derek jacobi and that new thing on itv where the camp has reverted to theatrical queen and and and ...'



( -quote from Kennedy in The Fitz - "are they big bendy rainbows? -/quote- )

So somehow after I read a bit of some pretty Wildean things I came downstairs watched Disney's Hercules for the first time ever (conclusion: I wasn't really missing much) and iced some ghost-shaped fairy cakes I made yesterday which went a bit wrong.
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Scores of my friends have been producing children this year, one of whom had her little girl today. I meanwhile in my little lair have spent most of the evening waiting like an impatient father-to-be to see my creation. A Cake (picture under the cut) )

It's all Nigel Slater's programme's fault, and quite franky I should have been doing ten million other jobs than baking but I did doctoring a recipe I found to reflect what ingredients we actually had in the house, and giving it a bit of a Christmassy twist. It is not the best cake I've made- most of the fruit has sunk to the bottom and it cooked much quicker around the outside than in the middle, but it is at least moist and relatively okay. The licks were yummy too which is a bonus- most cakes I've made that involve fruit and mixed spice tend to be the dark kind which use dark sugars like muscovado, which I don't actually like the licks of as much. I am marginally regretting not going with my first instinct and making scrambled egg on toast instead but oh well, live and learn.

I have written all but work's cards and most of them (not all) have been posted. Almost (but not all) of my parcels are ready to be sent out in the morning (of the two remaining one is just awkwardly large and a funny shape and the other one I haven't quite finished making part of it, or more to the point mother hasn't as it's at the point now where we don't have time for my ineptitude). Plenty of presents still to wrap though!

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At the moment I am on that most queenish of things: A Diet. Sick to death of always been told I am overweight by electronic calculators (which I know are often flawed because they're based on 'average' perons etc but it still stinks a bit when even your bloody Wii is saying you're too heavy). I don't need to lose much to be in a 'good' BMI (according to my Wii) and I reckon that I can probably achieve a lot by just eating better and actually paying attention to things like that. And also not letting Work tempt me by teaching me what Krispy Kreme doughnuts taste like, or providing leftover danish pastries, or by acquiring biscuits and enormous boxes of ferero rochers. So in an experiment I also set up a spreadsheet to record what I eat. I've never liked doing it before but by having to write things down I find it helps me not just much my way through four packets of crisps whilst reading. A bit.

Anyway long story blah blah blah Today Mum was going to teach me how to make home-made beefburgers. We had lean mince and onion and things to use and so I set to work. However, due to some drastic underestimations regarding the mix we managed to make THE BIGGEST BURGERS IN THE WORLD EVER. Neither of us could finish our tea, and we'd even made fruit salad for afterwards which is currently sitting untouched in the 'fridge. They were nice but just TOO HUGE FOR LIFE. THey're the kind of burger I imagine Thor would eat.

Owing to the fact we have absolutely no idea what the BURGERS OF DOOM weighed or anything therefore, today's spreadsheet if 'offline'. I have absolutely no idea. Theoretically it might not have been as ginormous calorie wise as it felt- it was very lean and apart from being sealed in the frying pan got oven cooked, and besides was full of onions and stuff. Ah well. This one is going to be a mystery day anyway.

Speaking of losing weight- proof it is working- I had to go shopping for new trousers today. When I discovered that without the belt I didn't have to unbutton my work trousers to take them off I decided it was time. Woohoo! I am currently around the size I was when I was at Uni, (and therefore before dole, stress eating and sedentary office work combined with doughnuts began) which is pretty damn good.

In other news my project to clear some bookcase space has had good inroads on it today. I have filled a box and created a list. I have promised first-dibs to [personal profile] still_lycoris but after which I'm going to email some people and maybe put the list up here for people to take a pick if they'd like (although if anyone does but live far away I will have to find a way to arrange payment of postage costs I think. Not sure how to do that.)

Ah well. I only wish I could feel a bit less full as I was really looking forward to that fruit salad!


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