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I have finished reading The Chalice by Phil Rickman. I love that book. It takes me time to go through but just...woah. Right now I'm sitting back and just digesting it, breathing, taking it all in. I love many Phil Rickman books because they are historical and magical, clever and creepy and somehow Things Seem To Happen when one reads them- strange co-incidences which, as comes up several time in this book, coincidences seem to happen an awful lot when the spiritual gets involved.

I'm trying to fix in my mind, too, my holiday experiences. I managed it last time with the last trip to Spain so that I can conjure it up and remember as close and real as I can the smells, the sounds and also the atmosphere. I want to keep that with this holiday too- everything from tramping up the road putting the fear into tractors and standing on gates to get a better look at the Tor warmingly pleasant in the distance- even the sound of cows making brontosaurus noises!

Work is incredibly stressful, and really not helped by problems with my course and e-enrolment for this term. All very frustrating.

I am serving at St John Fisher tomorrow night, they're doing some kind of Novena thing- I volunteered but I have to admit there are political reasonings that are not particularly high-minded involved. Nanny went (in the downpour!) yesterday to the one at St Bede's and she said it was a wash out (ha) and nothing like a proper Novena service-thing. Not that I've ever been to one, anyway so I suppose I won't know much different. I would like to say I will spend it as a time of spiritual musing and peaceful prayer but I've never served at St JF's before and, as I said, everything like this these days is a political minefield. Ah, parish politics.


Mar. 18th, 2012 04:57 pm
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I know that I am usually a violent hater of all that is summer and sunshine. I just don't like summer- on the (rare and getting rarer) occasions we get hot weather I get allergies, headaches and nausea and it just generally makes me gloomy.

But for some reason it appears that Spanish Spring Sun doesn't follow this rule. I have been in Los Boliches for a week soaking up more vitamin D than my body has experienced in many, many years.

It was terrific. I'm sure it has been painfully obvious that Mum and I both needed a serious break before one of us (probably me) had a serious break down. What with people we love dying to a lot of shit going on that I daren't-really-mention-online that makes me feel very low and grumpy about life/work/the world we really needed that break. And it was lovely.

We stayed at the same hotel we went to last year and walked miles and miles every day, and saw the plaza San Rafael with its big statue, and explored all the streets, and visited the Castle of the Sun (about 10k both ways), and I went swimming (!) and actually seem to be improving a little. I also ate probably my own body weight in ice cream and churros.

I also got my weeks' readings done for Uni and managed to post them off (although as predicted the netbook failed at life and wi-fi but luckily in the supermarcado there was a little computer-use bit which was only 50c for 20 minutes- long enough to log in and send what I'd written off. So that was good. I also finished re-reading Interview with the Vampire (It's been so long I had actually forgotten quite a lot of the details- I'd almost entirely forgotten about Santiago!) and re-read A Scandal In Bohemia before moving on and reading Prozac Nation which is one of my course books. I remain unsure whether I will actually do the review with Prozac Nation, because although pathologised identity module was fascinating, I do know so very little about it that the research might take longer and require more resources than I can muster. Also although I found the book quite well written and absorbing (and suprisingly untriggering) I think that it is quite a hard one to academically review without a CHOCKLOAD of prior research in one's head. It reads very much like my initial thoughts it would be like (In the style of Girl, Interrupted only with more pop-culture and rock and roll references) and the prozac bit only appears right at the end. On the other hand I've been carrying around one of the other course books for a month and keep nodding off after the third page. Damn you Stuart Hall for being at once so very very necessary and yet so DRY.

Also probably the best and least triggery way to read that kind of mis-lit is on a sunny balcony overlooking the beach in one direction and the mountains in the other.

We got in a couple of hours ago, at which point I phoned Nanny to say Happy Mother's Day and have pumped up Betty's tyres ready for work tomorrow. I am ABSOLUTELY FUCKING FREEZING.

I also came back to a letter from Uni telling me I'd passed my last Module THANK YOU GOD. Unfortunately it gives a little score and then underneath says 'turn overleaf for guide to scoring numbers' and there is NOTHING OVERLEAF. *sigh*. Lol. On the other hand I had also been informed a few weeks ago that my results would be emailed NEXT WEEK and not posted at all. So I'm waiting for an email to try and find out whether the score is a 'Yay, you passed life is fine' or a 'Yay you passed but ONLY BY THE SKIN OF YOUR TEETH'.

But yay anyway!

I have lots of fun anecdotes to tell but I'm also still really zoned out. This time around I got travel pills BEFORE I left the country and found myself narcoleptic on the plan there, and again of course on the return journey. It's kind of cool because I'd much rather keep nodding off every five seconds to being sick or in pain but it's also a little disturbing when you find your head falling foward of its own accord and you're starting awake.

The best anecdote though it definitely the fact Mum and I found a church that could DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.

On about the second/third day on our way back from a walk we found the church we'd been into last time and popped in to say a prayer and have a gape at all the ornate beauty of it. I don't know the proper name for it (I'd have to look it up) but it's absolutely stunning. We sat for a while and then looked up the Mass times for Saturday Night Mass. Luckily despite the fact I absolutely fail at learning spoken languages I love root words and can therefore read a lot of the European languages with varying degrees of accuracy. So we saw there was a 6.30 and 7.30pm Mass and made a note to go to the 7.30 on Saturday night. We then wandered off.

The next day, with vague lookings at the Map we worked out a route to the church going from the Plaza San Rafael and it was in the next street (Plaza Carmen) and then we had a wander around the shops to look for scarves in case custom still ruled that they might be required. The next couple of days we re-took the same route going up to the church in order to establish the time it would take us, which we worked out at maxiumum 25 minutes (about 2km).

Then on Friday we went up to the church and I decided we'd make a circuit around the back of the church to see what was behind it. As it happened you couldn't do that because it was built into the back of a row of apartments and then some shops. We got a little confused as we were sure sure there was a side door. So we nipped in. AND IT WAS A DIFFERENT CHURCH!!! The one we had thought it was, was on the Plaza De Constitution a further TWO KM away (so 4KM from the hotel). IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BIZARRE and we have NO IDEA how we managed to NOT NOTICE 2KM difference! The only conclusion is that the door was a kind of SPACE/TIME travelling thing and sometimes you opened it to one church, the next time another. Anyway so this OTHER CHURCH had Mass at 7pm and it looked like it might provide English/Translated guides (there was a box for it) so we went there instead. It didn't actually provide translation so we were rather lost, but it was a really good experience- the whole church packed to the rafters for a Saturday Night Mass! And it may or may not have been being televised as we were there too.

Obviously San Rafael was keeping an eye on us- as if we'd not gone in on the Friday we would have turned up at 7.30 on the Saturday TOO LATE!
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So on Tuesday, my mother, [personal profile] still_lycoris and I went to London for my birthday. I had a brilliant time and lots of shenanigans were had.

Places we went to:

We spent the day on Wednesday at The Tower of London which had absolutely mountains to see and do! Went on a tour from one of the Beefeaters, looked at the ravens and saw the Crown Jewels and the displays about the armour and the menagarie. It was really good fun and the fact that it was a sunny day was a definite help- especially when we went around the outside walls! Also saw places where different people had carved their names and symbols into the walls during their imprisonment which was very, very awesone.

On Thursday we went to The Cartoon Museum which one of the guys I work with in the Library had found and told me about. I would have gone anway but it was particularly of interest as at present they currently have a Dr Who exhibition on, which I felt that [personal profile] still_lycoris would like to see too. It was really good I spent much money on a book about Noggin the Nog (because: NOGGIN!) and then we went to The British Museum, which is just around the corner, for the afternoon- always good although is home to a spirally staircase that is a bit like something out of the maze on the labyrinth whereby once on it you GET LOST FOREVER!

Friday (my 25th) was GLOBE DAY. We went on the Globe Tour and Exhibition before going to see Dr Faustus at 2pm. (Especially authentic as of course that's the the time when plays were shown even back in those days).

Dr Faustus. It was epically awesome. Words cannot describe! There's some good promo clips on youtube but [personal profile] versipellis was telling the truth when she raved about it when she saw it. It was wonderful. Starring Paul Hilton as Dr Faustus and Arthur Darvill as Mephistophiles, who were both magnificent but all the actors were! The fools were hilarious and some of the scenes and effects- just...wow. Lucifer's costume in particular- the fallen angel, dirtied and dragging his feet as if frozen forever in the clothes of his fall- wow! The angel and the demon fighting over Faustus' mind were also amazing- the wings on the angel were BRILLIANT. I can't really give a review- just a whole MOUNTAIN OF SQUEE because it was wonderful and lovely and gorgeous and brilliant.

*deep breaths*. So an exceptionally satisfactory birthday present to myself anyway. And the seats I had aquired gave a very good view, except for the sun in the second half which no one could really help. :)


Yesterday we went to The Clink Prison under London Bridge, the first part of The London Bridge experience and The Sherlock Holmes Museum. (Owing to disruption on the tube we couldn't really get to the V&A). It was all really good- and no, I've not forsworn my bloodthirsty tendancies but was summarily outvoted on staying for the scarier part of the London Bridge experience- which actually worked quite well as it meant we got out in time for Mum and I to get to St George's in time for six o'clock Mass.

We found some good eating out places along the way, the best of which was Prince William Henry pub on Blackfriars way. The food was amazingly good and the service was absolutely unparalleled.

Anyway I had an absolutely terrific time and now just have to catch up on the mountain of boring real life things. Although I did come home to more presents so between them and the books and presents from on the trip I at least have a lot of fun things to entertain me too! :)


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