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So I had a great time at lycoris' birthday party weekend. We hung out with cool people and not just any cool people but fannishly cool people, the kind of people I could spend my life hanging out with and not get bored with. This has made coming back to the Real World (where nobody wants to listen for more then ten minutes about waxing lyrical over fannishness, and not everyone knows or has considered what house they'd be Sorted into etc) somewhat difficult. Oddly, real life is compensating for this for me by being crazily busy. Seriously. This weekend I am going to a Viking Medieval Fayre (I KNOW. APPARENTLY THERE IS A CAKE IN THE SHAPE OF Mjolin, Mjonirr, Mudgm THOR'S HAMMER!) and I have also been invited to a Zombie Walk in a few weeks, then am going for a weekend to Sheffield to see Priscilla again, and then the week after that Rachel Stamp are playing.


In addition to this, I just got my first email from the Prof who is going to be my dissertation supervisor. Urk! So nervous!

And also I am so pleased Channel 4 are playing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. only a day after it shows in America. It makes being online a lot easier, especially as last night I wasn't online at all but was puppy-sitting. So yes! STUFF! What has happened there? I now have a whole THREE telly programmes to watch during the week (The Dresden Files, The Great British Bake-Off and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as well. I never used to have any of this. It's crazy.

(And okay, when house or puppy sitting also Big Bang Theory but that can't really count if I don't NORMALLY PLAN to watch it. It just has a catchy theme, okay?)


Apr. 30th, 2013 09:34 pm
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So in a way to end the torture collapse happily after all this essay panicking on Monday, after spending the day doing Uni work I went to see Iron Man 3

cut in case of SPOILERS )

I’ve put all my reaction under a cut because quite frankly, when I’m trying to avoid being spoilered for something I want to see, even knowing whether someone I know liked it or didn’t like it can potentially affect my actual viewing and I don’t want to do that to anyone.

In other news I have spent this evening recording from tape to mp3 a recording made by my Auntie's father for the Imperial War Museum Archive about his experiences as a soldier. What has struck me most is how odd it is to hear a proper local accent, like the ones I heard as a child- all of us seem to have altered since then- not just my generation but the older gen-s too. I sound most myself now when reciting things learnt from very early childhood I think
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And on the twelfth day, he slept.

I think there is something wrong with me. Went out for my haircut this morning and then insisted that I needed to get home quickly to do some work. This was at first derailed with exciting information within the family that necessitated phone calls to relevant persons, and the arrival of The Uncanny X-Men #268 which flashes between X-Men days (running into Black Widow) and 1941 in which Captain America and Wolverine meet The Black Widow (as an ADORABLE CHILD) to rescue her after being kidnapped by The Hand. Yayayayayay.

I might put something on the avengers meme- I would so like a story in which Steve remembers a pretty little red-headed girl he helped rescue once upon a time.


I ate a little, toddled upstairs armed with books, papers and pages of notes for Further Research. And nodded off. Woke up twenty minutes later, moved around, picked up the notebooks, read about a page and nodded off again. The third time I dropped off I slept for an hour at which point I thought 'hang it' and picked up a poetry book and came downstairs for tea.

This is ridiculous! I go to bed reasonably on time, even if I am up before the sun and yet I can't stop flaming sleeping. I'm twenty-six going on sixty-two.

It could just be stress with work and such, and then the essay is also really not my thing with many of the books I'm using incredibly dull but if this doesn't stop soon I shall have to Take Steps.

Short of hyping up on over the RDA caffienated fizzy drinks I'm not sure what steps. But STEPS WILL BE TAKEN.
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I took the day off work today, after being back in for two days. This I think was actually quite a good move. The main reason was because we have New People starting on Monday, one of whom I will have to train (and now the Temp has left I will need to do this whilst totally manning both her new job and my old one. OMGDIEZ etc) and so I couldn't book anything off next week, and I have an essay to write for the end of the month. I also found an added bonus: after actually not doing huge amounts of computery stuff (well compared to a normal working day) my eyes were shot and I was all exhausted and achey from the lack of movement.

Admittedly I didn't move much today but I did manage to read a lot of the research I'd collected and make a LOAD of notes. Then I had to stop because I was very tied of Irish History and Tudors and Home Rule and things and it was ceasing to sink in. But I did do a lot so that's good and once it does sink in tomorrow I will do more! Then I will PLAN DRAFT 1.

I also made dinner and cooked the tea (it feels too much to say I cooked dinner- I heated soup and cut bread, added herbs and served) and just enjoyed the feeling of actually having time to do stuff like that, I even dug mum's coffee percolator out and made us coffee around three when I needed the boost.

Oh! And also my comic came today. I forgot to blog about it but basically Mum bought me this:

For Christmas, which is one of those books that tries (haha) to make a coherent storyline about Wolverine's life. (ahahaha comics ahahahaha).

And It mentioned some comics that I just had to have - Uncanny X-Men #268 and Flashback: Wolverine #-1. So I er bought them. Well, one of them I'm bidding for on ebay but the comic market is minute (as I know well from selling the buggers) unless they've been licked by Stan Lee or signed by Hugh Jackman or Patrick Stewart etc so I'm the only bidder unlikely to miss it. The other was on buy it now. AND IT CAME TODAY

And here is a picture of Stan Lee, cameoing and NARRATING (and doesn't he look a bit like Howard Stark in this? Just a weird creepy thought there). Don't get me wrong it was TOTAL froth, Amnesiac Wolverine with James and Heather Hudson going to visit someone who might be able to help him, only to be followed by: Hydra, Sabretooth (who tests to see whether the amnesia is real by making a lot of not so much veiled as very near stark naked references to things that comic fans know ('birthday boy' mentioning how he killed Silver Fox etc) and also acting like a Real Cowboy , Black Widow (who is still working for the Soviets at this point) and then run into Nick Fury and Carol Danvers who are being badass and James Bond-y except that Nick doesn't realise Wolverine doesn't know who he is because he and Danvers think that Wolverine is deep undercover until RIGHT at the end. And of course, Nick Fury being Nick Fury decides not to run after him and give the poor boy some answers because 'maybe he'll have some peace for once' not knowing. What? With HYDRA, SABRETOOTH AND THE SOVIETS ALL TRYING TO CAPTURE HIM? Oh Nick Fury (and it is totally the Nick Fury from The Scorpio Connection in those panels. TOTALLY.) But yes: Frothy and also awesome. Yay.

I'm looking forward to winning the X-Men one though- Wolverine, Captain America and Natasha Romanoff, 1941.

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Despite not collecting Astonishing X-Men (apart from owning number 1) it was practically a given that I would be purchasing number 51. Aside from just general Northstar love ("I am GAY!"- trufax quote) my purchasing it was guarenteed for two major reasons, the first being the irrational collector desire to not miss out. I don't spend half my time watching the auctions for Incredible Hulk #181 ticking up to £500.00 without sighs of regret that I was not even alive in the 70s. Honest. Okay yes I do and damn it I was not missing out on this one! The second is of course my passionate love of all things gay. I listened to the first gay sex scene in The Archers with open mouthed adoration, despite not regularly caring about either I watched a week of Coronation Street just to see the first gay kiss (disappointing) and tuned in to The Archers at Uni just to hear the First Gay Wedding. It kind of had to be.

...time for the small, petty, disappointed ramble, because although the story is lovely...I was a bit deflated:

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Me: Hey, you have some shares somewhere don't you? How do shares work?
Them: I do have shares. But not exactly. They're not mine.
Me: Er?
Them: They're in my name but they are units under subsection S I G.
Me: So they're not shares?
Them: They're units.
Me: *taps ear* I think my babel fish has died. I have no idea what you just said.

And thus ends my lesson in the confusing world of financial thingummies.

The week has been crazy, we've been facilitating the student exams (that was Wednesday and Thursday but the day before was setting up the ward and the day after was catching up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's work), and then Friday was also a staff-awards-ceremony-thing so have had no room for collapse. In a few weeks C is leaving us for her new job. *sob sob sob* I don't know how we'll manage without her, and the pressure is on too because I need to write a poem for the occasion. Anyway there's going to be a whole thing and these girls are glam-our-us. So I've been trawling for clothes because most of my old stuff is too big and I've cleared out a load. I don't really like clothes shopping but today was pretty damn successful. Either I've managed to get an outfit for the thing OR if the one I have in mind is too casual I have the main bones of said outfit and am sure I can find something in the wardrobe to make it posher, and the planned outfic will be my Pride outfit.


Ahem. Yes. I was furious because the past two years I have wanted to go and have been in work and when I looked up the calendar this year I am also in work. BUT because the library now shuts at 1pm it looks like I can go home get ready and catch the train in and will only have missed the first couple of hours. Sent Shaunie a message and he has rough plans with his harem of various lgbtq & straight peeps to go so I shall be tagging along. I'm hoping to find more people I know to go too but there's still plenty of time.

August 4th people- if you're coming pride tell me and we'll meet and stuff. It'll be awesome. I've never been to a pride or anything before and I will be all sociable and stuff. There were some guys fundraising for it today in the city centre who were lovely.


I also spent an obscene amount of money on clothes including a Primani Batman T-Shirt= FTW. Sadly, they didn't have any Marvel in only Thundercats which I never watched. Then I went to worlds apart, manfully resisted buying a Daredevil T-Shirt....and then spent that money on MORE WOLVERINE instead. I bought: Wolverine #306, #307 UK Essential X-Men #32 and the book Wolverine Weapon X - Adamantium Men. Mwahahahahahah. Also I've ordered Astonishing X-Men #51 with the wedding between Northstar and Kyle because I HAVE TO OWN IT YES.


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