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Title: Going Home
Fandom: BBC!Sherlock
Ship: Gen
Summary: How Lestrade heard the news of Sherlock's death (spoilers for S2 E3- RBF) - a reaction fic
Disclaimer: Don't make any money on them, totally not mine just stealing them to try and wake my brain up by scribbling ficlets.

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Essay submitted! *Quivers in terror*. It was deeply enjoyable, just on my final check-through, to find myself sitting reading aloud from it and envisaging myself engaging in lively academic discussion with bright-eyed bushy-tailed things who found the MANY concepts that I did not have the time nor the wordcount to explore, fascinating. Ended up pondering the origin of humankinds' penchant for fiction and storytelling and wishing I was a bit better at history, particularly ancient history, than I am. It would be interesting to explore further.

Anyway, due to the whole I HAVE AN ESSAYDEADLINEMUSTWRITEMUSTFOCUSORWILLDIEADEATHOFDEATHS, I was very bollocks at 12 days of Christmas this year so have spent the beginning of the evening reading all the wonderful fics available on there.

I only managed to complete one fic for the challenge, and is as follows:

Title: Homesickness
Fandom: Hollis Family Series by Michelle Magorian (Mostly Cuckoo In The Nest)
Ship: Gen
Disclaimer: I don't own either of the two main characters in this tale, although I do own all the extras.
Summary: : Written for 12 Days of Christmas Challenge 2011-12. Commiserations. John ‘Digger’ Hollis and Basil ‘Toff’ Duke served in the same regiment. When they meet again, they embrace, laugh, and talk for hours, and Basil’s influence challenges John’s inborn prejudices concerning theatre and the upper classes. This is a short moment from the beginning of an unlikely friendship

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Awesomely chilled-out day today. I didn't go out shopping (huzzah!) instead rebelled by staying home, taking the opportunity to wrap mum's birthday present and hoover through the house.

I also may have killed the vacuum cleaner in the process. But I will insist that all I did was turn it on- the fact that two seconds later there was the smell of burning plastic and the room was full of smoke is DEFINITELY not my fault. So there.

I also received my invitation for my account on Archive of Our Own. You can find me there as, ever, your localfreak. I've only put three stories up so far- two that are already posted on my List of Fanfiction on my blog and one I hadn't got around to posting yet. All of them have been tidied up a bit since, too, with any belated errors fixed etc.

It's all part of my drive to be at least marginally more active in making friends online. It just seems ridiculous that I've been in fandom for over ten years and yet I still suck quite so much at making (and keeping) friends. I'm trying to be a bit more sociable.

I chose Archive Of Our own only after several months contemplation. It may not be the biggest or most popular, but it has a lot going for it. I like the large font (even if, when worried about people reading over your shoulder, it can sometimes seem Rather Too Large), and I rather likethe tagging system that makes crossovers so easy to find, and the fact you can filter by wordcount > is just quite awesomely useful. I weighed up the pros and cons against other fic archive sites I use, and really it just wins hands down.

So yes.

I did mean, after sorting all of that, to get back to my editing software and put some hours in on the video I'm making. But I may, perhaps, have got distracted once again by awesome X-Men fanfic. If I have anything to thank X-Men: First Class for (apart from being adorably awesome) it is that since people have started to produce good X-Men fic. When I first got into fandom there were perhaps three non-crack X-Men fics that were any good that I could find. The rest was mis-spelled, stomach churning, or just didn't appeal to me in anyway. (There are only so many times Gambit can be turned into a woobie helpless pwincess before you start to cringe inside.)


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