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I have finished reading The Chalice by Phil Rickman. I love that book. It takes me time to go through but just...woah. Right now I'm sitting back and just digesting it, breathing, taking it all in. I love many Phil Rickman books because they are historical and magical, clever and creepy and somehow Things Seem To Happen when one reads them- strange co-incidences which, as comes up several time in this book, coincidences seem to happen an awful lot when the spiritual gets involved.

I'm trying to fix in my mind, too, my holiday experiences. I managed it last time with the last trip to Spain so that I can conjure it up and remember as close and real as I can the smells, the sounds and also the atmosphere. I want to keep that with this holiday too- everything from tramping up the road putting the fear into tractors and standing on gates to get a better look at the Tor warmingly pleasant in the distance- even the sound of cows making brontosaurus noises!

Work is incredibly stressful, and really not helped by problems with my course and e-enrolment for this term. All very frustrating.

I am serving at St John Fisher tomorrow night, they're doing some kind of Novena thing- I volunteered but I have to admit there are political reasonings that are not particularly high-minded involved. Nanny went (in the downpour!) yesterday to the one at St Bede's and she said it was a wash out (ha) and nothing like a proper Novena service-thing. Not that I've ever been to one, anyway so I suppose I won't know much different. I would like to say I will spend it as a time of spiritual musing and peaceful prayer but I've never served at St JF's before and, as I said, everything like this these days is a political minefield. Ah, parish politics.
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Went to St Helens today to look for trousers, as all mine seem to be in various stages of 'falling apart' or 'falling down'. Didn't get a single pair, naturally. I did get a package of air-harden modelling clay which is all rather exciting. Once upon a time, when I was a wee lad, my class went to spend the day with a potter (who happened to be a parent of one of my wee classmates) and it was probably the first art medium I ever really enjoyed using. Painting and drawing were always excercises in frustration as nothing ever came out quite okay, but I liked working with the clay quite a lot. So, yes. Mum is also hugely excitable about my showing any interest in something other than gawping around on the internet, so it's a win win buying some and having a play.

Just spent the past hour or so putting stuff on ebay. Some of which were actual books!! (it's okay [personal profile] still_lycoris I'm pretty sure all the ones I've put up you either own already or wouldn't want. :P. I still have more to put on but mostly clothes at the moment so I'm hanging fire for a bit and making a cuppa.

Many may know that I really like the books (hey the music I was playing yesterday is by a FANBAND ffs) by Phil Rickman so the idea of his new Merrily Watkins book The Secrets of Pain coming out soon is a relatively exciting thing to me.

I got an email off amazon this morning

"You can pre-order your copy of The Secrets of Pain from us for only £42.00 from an RRP of £60.00!"


Sorry, Mr Rickman, but is this book going to be gold plated or something? £60.00 for a hardback??

Actually, it turns out it looks like some sort of major error by amazon who, on their website say I can pre-order it for £11.89. So all my heart-attack was for nothing. Phew.


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