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For those of you (if there is indeed a 'those of you' to be addressed here) who friended me in more recent times one of the first fandoms I was actively involved with (along with HP) was Savage Garden.

I owe a lot to that fandom, which was smaller than some but popular enough that there were some marvelous writers (and the not-so-marvelous, not gonna lie, myself probably included). I still remember Callycat's heartbreaking angst fics (oh so many. I suspect, but cannot confirm, that it was from these fics I learnt what AIDs was apart from "a terrible disease they show on Comic Relief") I learnt a lot about sex, about romance and sexualities from those fics. Fics by LindaG, Stine, Lunaflower and of course Carolyn, whose astonishingly well-plotted fics came late to the fandom but taught me a lot about authorial spark (I can't remember what her tag was back then but she's Oh my Cee on twitter now).

The fandom lasted for a good while after the group's disbandment, but ultimately everyone began to disappear. I found LindaG somewhere else on the internet once, blogging about non-fandom things, and as I have said, Carolyn is on twitter periodically, but mostly everyone has disappeared.

I still worry about Callycat every time I think of them.

But I digress. There is a new album release out called 'Savage Garden-The Singles' - a collection of their old hits, including 'She' which was never released.

So the notification came up on my facebook page- as usual Savage Garden and Darren Hayes' pages both updated within seconds- it is always obvious that it is Darren Hayes and his team that maintain the page. Anyway so then Darren posts a link on twitter to an interview he did with Renowned for Sound about the release.

And on the webpage there is a link to An interview with Daniel (rarity of rarities) on the same.

And well, I don't want to influence your judgement but I thought that cut for opinionated spoiler )

...But BY HEAVEN I wish I knew what the fandom people would be saying right now.

Heart attack, you stabbed me in the back. It's whack your mind is jack, how did anybody ever get like that?

I should kiss your dirty lips for bringing me my clarity. And now the truth has let me see, how your lies have buried me

And I felt your slipping fingers, and I saw you change your mind. If I hadn't dragged you in with me you would've let me dive without you

Every angel has dirty hands, even Judas planned to just carry on. Still picking up the pieces of those lies behind those sorrowful eyes you can walk away
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Went on Fandom Wiki for Savage Garden today. In some ways it was always going to bring back the most melancholy of memories. So many friends gone, so many fics and people disappeared into ether (Cally, if you are reading this I would still love just a tiny note telling me you are alright...). I am also vaguely amused to find that, despite it being my most active fandom ever, and so many of the fan-names being ones who I knew, and knew me, I have no mention in the annals of history. I didn't expect to, but when I saw the list with some of my old friends email penpals and the like it was strange to find I remained a ghost.

Perhaps some people are just born to be lurkers.

My copy of Secret Codes and Battle Ships arrived yesterday. So very beautiful!! <3

In other news I went arse-over-tete today down a ramp. Yowch! This merited my first trip over the road to A&E as, although I wasn't actually seriously hurt, with it being on work premises it needed to be noted. Bit bruised and achy but I'm otherwise okay.

Then of course I had to write my own Incident Report for the system. Which was something I could have done without.

Now I'm trying to motivate myself to do some studying. I actually enjoy most of it once I get into it (or will after Garfinkel Week is over.) It's just trying to motivate myself to keep going and not get distracted by, for example, shiny sherlockholmesfanfiction. Which I totally didn't spend yesterday night reading when I should have been working. Honest.


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