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I have gone to my watery death clutching my bundle of sad twigs and weeds for the last time.

It's actually incredibly hard to post a coherent narrative about putting on a show. How on earth can one person put the hours of sweat and tears and laughter and terror into a few lines and link them all together? Perhaps there can only ever be summaries.

I think I probably explained in a previous post why after a pretty successful first night our subsequent run had to be postponed due to our Hamlet's injuries. He lost his looks for the performance, but will be having reconstructive surgery at the end of the month and didn't need serious rhinoplasty as the bone was okay so that's something. He of course gave an excellent performance the past few nights.

I really enjoyed myself. There is a magic in theatre that I don't think can every really be verbalised or quantified. It goes something like:

a script
a group of people
a show

it's been true for me since I first thundered heavily onto the wooden staging as the grumpy innkeeper in a comedic retelling of the nativity story, age eight (I can still remember one kid, Joanne, who was one of the wise men, her eyes enormous in her head as I hollered like the king lion in Bedknobs and Broomsticks "ROUND THE BACK" in her face. She got her revenge a few years later, playing the vicious lawyer for the prosecution as I, as Toad of Toad Hall, cowered in the dock). Even in high school with a class full of drug addicts, stoners and bullies the same format works when the Magic comes. Suddenly the world is a different place,people who hate you suddenly behave as friends -for the length of the show at least everyone works in a kind of harmony for the bigger picture.

Of course there were some hairy moments in the run as a whole, a handful of dropped lines here and there, different every night but these were minor and really to be expected. A play as long as Hamlet (even with our necessary edits) is like a human organism, born newly each night with different flaws and wrinkles within the same overall shape.

I'm satisfied. I met my cues. I got my lines. If I can no longer successfully cry on cue I hope I managed to give enough of an impression of Ophelia's grief and confusion without that.

Next year: The Crucible

I'm going to go from timid and heartbroken flower to vengeful and seductive psychopath. MWAHAHAHA I can't wait!
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WOOOOH Show is over! It is done! All went well. Or, at least, any fluffs were minor and the audience liked it. My friends came to see it and were lovely, and Mum, Nanny, Uncle Rob and our friend Ann came as well (Mum came three nights out of four because she is both crazy and lovely, what was good to hear though is I was slightly out of time on the last night and Mum said she didn't notice and if anyone was likely to notice in the audience it would've been her).

We had the wrap party last night, the disco was good (wooh, function room with cheesy disco and only people who were invited allowed in the room so I felt comfortable enough to make a tit of myself dancing to a few songs. It is funny though because in many of the speeches people commented on the 'diverse group of people' all coming together for the show, and we were that. One lady, who I want to start by saying was always perfectly nice to me, had spend the whole of the previous night talking excitedly with one or two others about 'getting plastered', which makes me feel disapproving puritannical thoguhts that I hopefully hide from my face because...urgh...how can people older than me not have grown out of that kind of 'fun'. Her boyfriend came with her to the party and I had JUST ARRIVED (so the night was very young) and he was following her, feeling her bum as she walked and then ADJUSTING HIMSELF, so I naturally had to give them both an incredibly wide berth of 'awkward, apparently you like them caveman-style non-verbal knuckle-draggers'.

But yeah it was good and, I'm telling you, the lad who was the lead and is studying theatre I will be WATCHING THIS SPACE because I could genuinely see him going silver-screen famous in a few years.

Loads of people were all tearful and sad it was over, there was excessive hugging, which did make me feel like a souless git but I'm not at all sad it is over. We did it, it is the end of a job done well, I just feel pleased it has happened and at the same time happy to move on (and actually, you know, see my home other than to sleep for the first time in weeks).

So despite getting in at 1am and reading my library book till half past, I've been trying to be industrious today and enjoy Finding Home. We took Nanny shopping and I got stuff for work lunches this week, the I helped Auntie Irene with a job in her garden, finally put the cover back on the settee seat that has been off for an embarrasingly long time, and hoovered the settee, cut the grass and planted some things in the garden (also cleaned up a dead baby bird, put my hand in and then cleaned up cat poo in my vegetable patch and Something A Cat Had Buried In The Garden That Might Have Been Alive Once which I tried not to look at too closely. CATS! Every time I start to thaw about you you SHIT EVERYWHERE IN MY GARDEN and KILL THINGS. THIS IS NOT ENDEARING IT'S BLOODY AWFUL!)Oh, and wrote some letters that need posting. So, even though I had other jobs on my list, I don't feel like I've wasted the day.

I am seriously considering putting some sort of discreet alarm on my phone that reminds me to tidy or clean one thing every evening after tea. Except tomorrow because I have singing lessons.
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Well, after my exciting news in my previous post I had a few days off, which I generally enjoyed by visiting [personal profile] still_lycoris , going to rehearsals and puppy sitting Fern and Snoopy as my Auntie had two days at Crufts (my other Auntie was manning a stall there, but Gunner's a bit too much to manage so went to stay with a friend of hers who also has Vislas). I also joined up for some singing lessons and attended the first session- it was okay, I know most of the people there from the play rehearsals, but really brought through my musical ignorance- I barely knew any of the songs they are currently working on! Some I knew a tiny bit, but certainly no lyrics! So I've got something to work on there- they also wanted us to start on The Partridge Family- I Think I Love You which, by gum, I do not like. It is damnably hard to sing.

THEN things got really interesting. When I got back into work on Wednesday I found out that no sooner had I got the job on Thursday Chez and L in our office have BOTH got new jobs and are handing in their notice. That makes all three of us lowly 'scut monkeys' (the ones on the least money who do all the practical things that keep the bigger projects going) leaving in a bundle! It's all such a weird coincidence. I'm torn between worried because Temps!Who'll MESSMYHARDWORK UP! and dreadfully amused. The upshot is however I haven't yet been told when exactly I'll be able to leave to start my new job, as although my notice period is two months if I were leaving properly, usually secondment and transfers are shorter- but Chez and L's notice periods were both one month so it just...depends how soon people can be found I guess. I mean, I'm only going to be down the corridoor it's not like I can't nip back and dispense advice when needed (and I expect it will be, but a part of me is like "I expressed my concerns to  my manager months ago that no one else was left in the office who knew how to do elements of my job and when I suggested showing the others as back up she brushed it off so she's made her bed")

So, that is that. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so on my way home (late) from work on Friday (teaching overran) I stopped off at the Co-Op and bought mum flowers and chocolates- I also used her Co-op points card and so she got a coupon for £1 off as well! A bit unimaginative, I know, but the card I ordered will make up for that, hopefully, and we are going to see a play in a couple of weeks in Liverpool. I haven't had chance to go shopping without her to get anything more interesting. We got Nanny two Orchids the other week (she likes Orchids).

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It has been an eventful couple of days for yours truly.

On Thursday I was at a day-long 'assessment centre' interview for a job in the library where I currently work- our office (Education) shares a kitchen with the Library staff and we share photocopiers etc so I already know the people who work there very well. This new assessment centre process was very nerve-wracking though as it's all based on scores- and it wasn't just the current library people doing the scoring.

Cut for details )

I came out feeling really gloomy, like I'd just messed it up too much. Imagine my suprise then when they rang me later that evening and OFFERED ME THE JOB.

*cue flailing and hyperventilating*

Yeah! So, I'm off for a few days on leave anyway but when I get back in I'm going to have to start thinking handover and such. It's kind of sad because there are quite a few bits of my current job I enjoy doing and will really REALLY miss (and also feel very protective over like 'someone might come and FUCK IT ALL UP because they don't understaaaand') but really it's a practical move. I like the library, there's actual room for progression and further skills, and it's more money for something that will, quite frankly, be marginally less responsibility overall. (Or if I am wrong about that I'll at least be being paid to have responsibility rather than just...having to do it anyway!)

So yes. Exciting. Terrifying. Mum thinks it's awesome I might get to train to be a librarian and may need regular de-clawing (she thinks the librarians are the BEST THINGS ABOUT NIGHT VALE EVER).

Yesterday was my first day off which was spent quietly with Mum looking for a replacement teapot (she dropped it and it smashed on the morning of my interview which I thought rather foreboding) and then puppy-sitting as Auntie Irene has gone to Crufts. Took Fern and Snoopy on a big long walk around the park to keep them out of Nanny's hair for a bit and tire them out and then in the afternoon I got the train to see my Uncle, and we went out to see The Snake in the Grass at Southport's Little Theatre. I didn't know the plot at all and tried not to look up much about it beforehand for feat of spoilers. commentary under the cut for spoilers )

It was all very enjoyable to watch and I certainly hope that if they do any more my Uncle fancies going to I'll get to go with him. I got this chance on happenstance as his brother, who he would otherwise have asked, is in Chicago for work. I hope I proved a suitable enough companion that we shall get to go again.

This morning Mum has taken Nanny out food shopping and I have cheerfully volunteered to stay behind, eat porridge and clean the bathroom. I've done the first so now I'm off to the second task. Urg. But I'd rather be cleaning than shopping! Am puppy sitting again today so will be taking the hounds out later for a long trot weather permitting.
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Oh look at me, pretending to be all adult here. Yesterday I bought three new light fittings (I can't call them shades- the push towards Eco friendly lighting has led to a new fashion for coloured glass around one's bulbs to try and eke the best out of dimmer bulbs) and helped Mum put the sealant round the shower and attach hooks to the coat-hook board Nanny made. My credit card is tied up with the washing machine and tumble dryer- I'm expecting a call from the company within the next couple of weeks to arrange delivery date- and I've been in touch with an illustrator friend of mine with a view to making a small picture book for the baby for Christmas (I've written a poem for it). I've also booked a trip to the dentist on my day off, my first ever counselling session in a couple of weeks, and right now need to gather up some of my insurance paperwork to submit an application for writing my will, to make sure that should anything happen to me, Mum is all sorted. I just need my life insurance stuff unearthing and my work contract so I know how much I'm worth to that lot.

PRETENDING TO BE A GROWNUP IS A BIT ANNOYING REALLY. (Except for the book. My friend is going to discuss it with her Uni tutor first because I am asking for a relatively tight deadline so I'm hoping they'll let her use it as portfolio work or something because that would work for both of us quite well).

Amidst all this adult behaviour real life is generally not going too well. So I am being busy and trying so very hard to be helpful and useful to everyone and make people happy. I don't know it's possible to succeed but one keeps trying.

On a bit of a brighter note though we did go and see the RSC live broadcast of Richard II at the local pictures last week, Mum and I. It was great and Mum really enjoyed it too. Plan is to see more of these!
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So on Friday I toddled around town doing a few jobs in the morning and then went to visit [personal profile] still_lycoris and [profile] robert_frogg we had pizza and watched the DVD of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and then on Saturday we caught the train to Manchester and WENT TO SEE IT ON STAGE.

It was wonderful! The costumes were absolutely amazing, as were the effects and it was just lovely and beautiful and also rather hot. (Mmm some of those dancers!! WOW.)

So that was just fabulosa. I have now seen, in less than a week, two excellent theatrical shows involving men in corsets. :D :D :D! Win.

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Yesterday I had a hellishly stressful day in work, going on leave is never easy but knowing that when I go back on Wednesday my feet will not touch the floor with the amount of things I'll have to do and meetings I'll have to go to makes it far worse. I got in ready for my tea (as the sun had set) and to dash out to Poetry Group when I got a phonecall from my friend Anna. Due to illness, there was a sudden availably ticket and would I be able to come to see Rocky Horror at the theatre in a few hours?


It was awesome we had terrific fun. It is currently the 40th Anniversay of Rocky Horror. Anna and I first went to see Rocky Horror, at the same theatre, for the 30th Anniversary. The performance was really terrific, everyone danced the Time Warp and there were some amazing singers. OUTSTANDING.

We got out at 10pm, but there are no trains to our town between 9pm until the last train at 11.30pm so we found a quiet pub and caught up on news before going home. It was a wonderful, wonderful suprise!

Today I was unconcious until 9am when Mum called up the stairs and said she would be back from Mass in an hour and I was to be ready to go to dog sit at Nanny's whilst they went out. Fern and I spent a quiet day, I read a little, did some university work and took Fern out on a suprise walk, which she found quite exhausting. After they'd returned we came home and I did some Uni work and submitted my task responses and did a little writing. I've also had notification that the book I reserved has come into the Library, Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. I might leave it till Monday to take it out though, as I'm not likely to be reading it before then.
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If I had one this entry would have [personal profile] still_lycoris's tag "I has a social life". I am exhausted


Friday was our work's Christmas do at a Masquerade Party at Knowsley Hall. We got out of work a little early with those who weren't coming minding the office to have time to tittivate etc. However on Friday the entire area was also plunged into thick fog from about 8.30am FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. What the hell?

Okay the party. It was a bit cramped but the show was exceptionally awesome to watch the singers were terrific and there were different dances and stuff and that was awesome.

Two out of the Three Courses were very good. The waiting staff were excellent and incredibly well organised to serve about 2000 people in one go.

The DJ was someone from Radio City. I didn't like him because he was vulgar and talked too much over the songs.

So yes overall it was a good night and not too pricey for what it was (ignore the prices on the website link- this was a night specifically discounted th public sector workers so the vast majority attending were from hospitals in the area. It was worth the price we paid, not sure it would be worth the full whack.


Went with Nanny and Mum to see The Lion King at the Palace in Manchester.

We had a bit of issues at first: we didn't know that Everton were playing Man City so the trains were packed, although people very chivalrously gave up a seat for Nanny so that wasn't too bad.

When I booked the tickets it didn't say restricted leg room, it said restricted view. To be honest even if it had said leg room I probably would have got them because I bought them in August before the show's run extended (it's now in into the new year) and they were the last set of three seats together, and also Nanny's legs weren't as bad. Lately she's been having problems with her knee and, aside from the fact the steps to our seats were insanely steep she was in pain at the beginning and we ended up going out with her. Luckily, the usherettes were very nice and after getting Nanny a drink to take her tablets with they let her stand for the performance at the back, which Nanny said she wanted to do because she was enjoying the show so much. Still I will remember this in future!

The show itself was AWESOME. BREATHTAKINGLY BLOODY AWESOME. Timon was just beautifully played, absolutely beautiful (Timon has always been my favourite) and the acting was great, Rafiki was brill and just all the puppetry and costumes-! Wonderful, absolutely marvellous.

Weirdly too, Saturday was the 1st December. When the Lion King came out we went to see it for my best friend's eighth birthday, which was on the 2nd December so it was kind of odd-awesome to be going to see it the weekend of his twenty-sixth! I sent him a message to that effect and he just replied saying that he still knew all the words to it :D. I'm not suprised we were mad for the Lion King. I had a little Pride Rock with plastic toys inside and also a cuddly Timon with grub. The first sheet music I ever bought was The Lion King and P and I played it constantly with all the songs, parts and all.

So yes, Lion King was overall awesome. We got back in the dark and went for fish 'n' chips at the chippy by Nanny's which was also scrummy.

On Sunday I suddenly realised I'd got out of synch with my Uni weeks and instead of needing to post my presentation before next Monday I needed to post it NOW Right Now As Soon As Possible. So most of Sunday was spent hammering it all out in a word document with references and pictures because I'd left the powerpoint slides I intended to used saved on my computer at work. So guess what I did instead of having a lunchbreak today?


I'm in work until gone seven p.m. tomorrow night too which is a bit stressy. Our poetry group have a visiting poet coming...I hope it is next Wednesday and not this Wednesday as he's going to look at our work and I have NOTHING NEW TO GIVE.

And now I need to go and put a wardrobe together.


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