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It's been a really shitty kind of week this week. That is a poor choice of words right there, sorry. But BASICALLY I've been REALLY ILL all week. It started at about 4AM on Tuesday morning and Mum came down at the same time which led us to believe food poisoning but other people have had a remarkably similar D&V bug lately so the jury is still out. I actually think I have been more ill this time than the time a few years ago when I had the Norovirus.

I'm trying not to overshare, because when I am ill I kind of want to and it is just awkward because I will undoubtedly regret it. So I'm just going to say I HAVE BEEN REALLY ILL and it has been TERRIBLE.

In ADDITION to that, my darling puppy-dog, my little ginger slug, my old tigger, my reading-and-cuddles companion for over twelve years had to go to be put to sleep on Wednesday. It had been a bit...ominous for a while. My Ferny had a cough, which put extra pressure on her dicky heart because there was fluid build up but after the vet upped her last lot of medication she perked up again. But the weather has been getting colder the past few weeks and then on Monday night we were walking and she just stopped. She didn't fall, but she knew she didn't feel safe walking so Auntie I had to carry her home and although she was pottering around again the next day it was really the last sign.

I can't even begin to think how much I am going to miss her yet. She has been as much my dog as my Auntie's really, when you tot up all our time together.

I am currently dealing with this by denial. Because apart from one small breakdown on the evening after it happened, I have been too ill (and because of ill therefore headachey, dehydrated and not eating anything) to actually deal with life properly. So instead I have indulged a newly formed obsession that started a week ago when I read a fanfic Avengers AU in which Steve and Bucky are internet vloggers. And so I looked up some well known vloggers to try and understand this more and got hooked on danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil. So I spend three days watching their danandphilgames TheSims series whilst sipping water and ignoring the real world.
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Tonight I finally got access to the television and watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I saw it when it came out at the cinema, and bought it a few years ago where it has sat in the cellophane ever since.

It is hard to watch films at home, because I don't actually like watching films on my own, when Mum is in the house. This is why she has control of the television most of the time- because I will sit in the room and, if not always watch (often I'm reading fanfic), at least we are sharing space peacefully. Wheras, if I put something on that I want to watch (so, when I still watched Agents of SHIELD, before I fell off the wagon) she tends to leave the room and go...do ironing or something. It's not a new thing- there is a reason I had a video player in my room, but it...I do like having someone to watch WITH. Anyway she kind of watched. She laughed a bit at the beginning and then played Patience on the tablet the whole time...but oh well.

I'm feeling a bit emotionally fragile now, because GRAHAM AND MANOJ and it is SO SAD and BEAUTIFUL and I know it ends so lovelily and positively but that just makes me MORE likely to spend half of the film in choking sobs.

Which I duly did- and no sunny walk home from the pictures to compose myself with.


I'm a bit moody and changeable at the moment. Frustrated by the mother who has not telephoned for an electrician. She has painted a wall. Because, you know, obviously that was more important than FUCKING LIGHTS. Urgh. Well. There's not much I can do unless I raid her documents and ring the guy myself. Which there's not much point doing as I'm never home and I have no idea when she is. So that's a bit of a bugger. And you know, stresed about my job and life and December and wanting to make time to spend with people but at the same time I have assignments to do and work and there's not enough hours in the day. Zog just texted me asking what I was doing this weekend (read, did I want to do things with her) but we went out for a meal last Saturday (which was lovely) and I do have vague plans to go to Manchester tomorrow so I cried off. I feel bad but I need to spend time with the mother too. She doesn't see anyone but my Nanny all week and it can get really tense and I worry because she doesn't go out to have fun or join clubs to make friends...and Cliff has been dead some years now...and I just worry. Particularly in Winter. I just want her to be happy- I want all of them to be happy- but they seem to just...not be very good at trying to find ways to have fun themselves. If I had been a reasonable little freak and produced some grandchildren by now we wouldn't have this problem. But we do. And I don't get why no one but me worries about these things. Zog and I once agreed that between us we probably worry enough for the whole family between us.

Keep on Keeping On. I think maybe that's why I like Marigold Hotel so much:

It will be alright in the end. And if it is not yet alright, it is not yet the end.
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It was the mother's birthday yesterday and the semi-secret party went off very well indeed. She had presents to open and there were mountains of cake and even our little Blue Flower had fun toddling around with a miniature pork pie in one hand, making a great mess on the glass of the staircase by kissing her reflection in it.

To give an idea of the food:
Individual wrap slices
Mini pork pies, plain, with bramlet apple and with branston picke on top
Sausage rolls
scotch eggs
chicken legs
vast little sandwiches

Home made cakes:
Chocolate cake with pouring cream
Raspberry trifle
Fruit salad trifle
Carrot cake without icing
Carrot cake with icing
Fruit and nut cake with Ameretto

Bought cakes:
A huge raspberry sponge cake with a photo of Mum aged 3 on it with stars etc, design courtesy of yours truly with help from the Asda's cake printing service

A beautiful iced cake with yellow flowers- content as yet unknown but I'm hoping for a fruit cake!

Quite the feast, though there were a lot of mouths to feed with it.

Much fun was had by all, anyway, and we're going to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at the theatre next weekend as part of her present, and I also managed to find the first two seasons of Old Harry's Game a radio show about the devil, played by Andy Hamilton, that we both adored when it was on. (If it is findable online, I do recommend it most highly.)
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Yesterday was my graduation for my MA. I wasn't really looking forward to it - it was a bit of a drive and I was panicking about finding our way there, about the dogs being okay until my Auntie got in early from work to take care of them back home, about Nanny being up to the walking, about finding where I needed to go etc. A cousin of mine graduated in PHD robes by accident for his MA, because the gown people mixed up the gowns so that was an added panic- he dealt with it with amused aplomb, my reaction in a similar situation would be Total Meltdown.

So it is just as well it didn't happen. The drive there was a bit fraught (and the one back much more so due to long queues on motorways and being baked alive in a hot car). But it was wonderfully well organised, there were plenty of places to sit- or park relatives to sit- and get drinks etc. I was robed (correctly) in some very nice robes of grey with blue trim and, quite frankly if they had tried to give me a PHD robe by accident I would definitely as noticed as the PHD recipients were few and resplendent in scarlet and gold. The ceremondy was decently brief, and the only slight downside was that they pronounced my surname wrong- in Lancaster for my undergraduate degree, someone had slipped to each of the students with unusal names before the ceremony and checked the spelling, writing out phonetically for the speaker. But still, it is a small thing and I am rather used to it (although I swear I felt my mother twitching in the aisle. She has never got over how much she hates it when our surname is mis-pronounced whereas I was quite bored of correcting people by the time I turned ten). In a suprise turn of affairs for me I was the only one graduating with my award. We were only a small group of distance learners so, for some, perhaps the distance was too far or else they did not finish their dissertations- the forum boad quickly deserted once we had begun that module. Still, it had the advantage that the photograph company got a good shot of me shaking the Chancellor's hand, so we bought copies for the family, as well as a couple of copies of me in the studio pose.

The weather was gloriously sunny, which helped make it very pleasant to sit under the marquees and people watch. How young some of the undergrads looked! It made me feel quite old...and yet somehow it could be in a few years time I might be doing this all again.

One of the University staff on the podium facing us looked the spit of someone from Lancaster, I am sure- but I don't think he was every my tutor and therefore I have totally forgotten his name. It could well be him: most of my Lancaster tutors and lecturers dispersed after cuts to the Arts led to them amalgamating the cultural studies staff with the sociology staff- a state of affairs that neither group was happy with. There is a thin blurry line between cultural studies and sociology, but there is a line nontheless.

Anyway on the whole a very good but tiring day. I have spent attempting to recoup my energy somewhat- and my hydration as I think I only ate a cake and a museli bar all day yesterday and drank very little.
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Well, after my exciting news in my previous post I had a few days off, which I generally enjoyed by visiting [personal profile] still_lycoris , going to rehearsals and puppy sitting Fern and Snoopy as my Auntie had two days at Crufts (my other Auntie was manning a stall there, but Gunner's a bit too much to manage so went to stay with a friend of hers who also has Vislas). I also joined up for some singing lessons and attended the first session- it was okay, I know most of the people there from the play rehearsals, but really brought through my musical ignorance- I barely knew any of the songs they are currently working on! Some I knew a tiny bit, but certainly no lyrics! So I've got something to work on there- they also wanted us to start on The Partridge Family- I Think I Love You which, by gum, I do not like. It is damnably hard to sing.

THEN things got really interesting. When I got back into work on Wednesday I found out that no sooner had I got the job on Thursday Chez and L in our office have BOTH got new jobs and are handing in their notice. That makes all three of us lowly 'scut monkeys' (the ones on the least money who do all the practical things that keep the bigger projects going) leaving in a bundle! It's all such a weird coincidence. I'm torn between worried because Temps!Who'll MESSMYHARDWORK UP! and dreadfully amused. The upshot is however I haven't yet been told when exactly I'll be able to leave to start my new job, as although my notice period is two months if I were leaving properly, usually secondment and transfers are shorter- but Chez and L's notice periods were both one month so it just...depends how soon people can be found I guess. I mean, I'm only going to be down the corridoor it's not like I can't nip back and dispense advice when needed (and I expect it will be, but a part of me is like "I expressed my concerns to  my manager months ago that no one else was left in the office who knew how to do elements of my job and when I suggested showing the others as back up she brushed it off so she's made her bed")

So, that is that. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so on my way home (late) from work on Friday (teaching overran) I stopped off at the Co-Op and bought mum flowers and chocolates- I also used her Co-op points card and so she got a coupon for £1 off as well! A bit unimaginative, I know, but the card I ordered will make up for that, hopefully, and we are going to see a play in a couple of weeks in Liverpool. I haven't had chance to go shopping without her to get anything more interesting. We got Nanny two Orchids the other week (she likes Orchids).

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Nanny is home from hospital so that is very good. My mum and Aunties have been staying with her each day, making sure she eats and drinks as she didn't do much of either when she was in hospital and is weak with it. I am still not clear on exactly what the diagnosis has been except that "they are trying to manage it conservatively with a combination of beta blockers and some other tablets". I might learn more on this when I see her. My lurgy is slowly clearing but I have still been kept away as I am still coughy and cattargh-y and I certainly don't want to risk Nanny catching it.

I have been very slow at work since I went back on Wednesday but I have been trying to just plod on and do a bit- it does mean that things are still building up to bite me on the rear but at least I can comfort myself that less is building up.

There is so much parish politics building I can't even-. Tomorrow I'm off to serve at a "special" Mass for the Altar Servers. I have been watching my mum in between running back and forth to the hospital/looking after the dogs/doing Nanny's messages with Nanny being ill, doing the shop and the flowers for St Raphael's and St Bede's, making booklets, writing out certificates, threading the red thread on the new medals. Whilst the others in the "team" (all men) send paltry emails with inaccurate or vague answers and - what?- sit the fuck back.

Honestly, whilst off ill I finished writing the last booklet for them and designing it, watched Mum take it off to print it then spend an evening stapling copies together and it really is enough to make converting to Quakerism really, really appealing.

Quakers don't have ministers and servers and priests- sexist or otherwise. They just ...sit. In silence.

10 minutes of all this *waves in an expressive manner* and it sounds JUST PERFECT. I had to resort to googling newsfeeds on Super!Pope Francis to make me feel better.

Pope Washes Young Offenders Feet At Holy Thursday Mass- Including Women

Time Is Running Out To Fight Climate Change Pope Tells Summit

Pope Francis ditches the red shoes

Pope suprises Nuns with a voicemail
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So far I have decided to postpone any notions of 'new year, new starts/resolutions etc'. The reasons for this are:

1. I have a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE COLD. I have not felt so disgustingly ill for a good while and I am filled to the brim with what can only be described as 'ick'. I can't taste anything anymore, can't breathe through my nose, and look pale and ghastly.

2. On New Year's Eve Nanny was admitted to hospital. She'd been complaining of indigestion for a couple of days which we now think was something with her heart so Auntie Irene took her the doctors that morning and they were whisked off to hospital. Now, she is certainly well enough that she is awake and grousing about the hospital food ("I couldn't eat the chicken so saved it for it to be taken for the dogs," she said, "They didn't give you any salt!" Well...no, Nan, it's a cardiac ward) but obviously we are all tumbling over one another like puppies and I am not allowed to visit (see point 1.) so my duties are of the dog-watching, text-messaging variety.

So yes. I did have a couple of ideas for things I wanted to start fresh with for the new year (writing, life, etc) but I am putting them all on until Nanny is home and I can breathe through my nose again and taste food.
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Yesterday I had booked off originally to do work but then at the beginning of the week my Auntie Irene asked me to 'see if I could get the day off' to go and see the Giants at Liverpool.

The Giant Spectacular is an event that has run in Liverpool before in which these amazing marionette giants roam the city. This year they are comemmorating the centenery of the start of WW1.

The giants are amazing works of art, their faces seem incredibly expressive and they walk through the city with cranes and acrobats making them work.

pictures under the cut )

It was actually a really good day, the crowds of people were insane but in a good way, I particularly liked seeing everyone all joined together and looking so excited- there were kids hanging off the railings waving at the 'BFG's Nan'. Builders and their bosses stopped work on the scaffolding to watch, children climbed up the Chinese Arch to see, teenagers climbed up the bigger trees and I even saw one girl in her teens had shinned barefoot up a traffic pole (the roads were shut, they kind of had to be!).

It was a spectacular in the truest sense of the word. The story finishes on Sunday, which of course I can't go to as I've got Mass, but I'm sure I'll get to see it on the news. It seems very rarely do we get this kind of cultural excitement and enthusiasm.

In other news about a month ago I did a little job for one of my relations and they gave me a £10 national booktoken as a thank you. I subsequently discovered that these days one can redeem them online at a place called Hive, which was even better. (National Booktokens promote shopping at your local independent booksellers, which would be brilliant and admirable if not for the fact that there are no local independent booksellers in this town which means a bit of an out-of-the-way journey just to BROWSE.) Anyway I treated myself, feeling absolutely decadently guilty, to copies of the two books I get most out of the library. 84 Charing Cross Road by Helen Hanff and On Writing by Stephen King. I have already re-read (again) 84 Charing Cross Road doing that delicious thing where on the one hand I can't help but devour it, but on the other hand wish to go slowly and savour it. This edition, as with the library's edition, comes with The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street alongside it which I was very relieved by. Now one of these days I'll be able to get hold of Q's Legacy and my life will be complete!

I have however found time to work on the Dissertation of Doom. Today I locked myself away and have worked very hard on my drafting. I'm about half way through the initial amendments I noted for myself, but I need to keep ploughing on because I know when I reach the end of this one, I will have to go back again for the technicals. But it is hot, and I itch because the horrible flies have remembered that they like the taste of my ankles so I am Having A Pause.

That and the mother wants me to google retractable clothes lines to get the best deal as the one she bought today from B&M is both too short and the retraction mechanism is broken.


May. 2nd, 2014 07:06 pm
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This time last year was a flurry of excitable activity. Buying the house, waiting to hear the offer was accepted, booking the caravan, scanning in pictures of Nanny to make the giant poster and so we could blow up a photo of her face for one of my Uncles to attach to a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the Queen.

I can still remember her face when she realised we were all there, when Zoe, pregnant with Violet and enormous with it wobbled out of The Retreat doors with the most causal 'Hallo Nan,' you ever heard. It was one of the first times I'd ever seen Nanny speechless, and in tears. We thought for sure she had tumbled us, trying to keep a secret among so many people, mee-mawing arrangements every time she stepped out of the room.

A year later and I have seen Nanny speechless and crying so many times since, but her tears have been of grief rather than suprise and love. Her Birthday Party was the last time most of us saw our kid alive. We went for a walk around the camp-site for some air and I chatted about his exams and school and, stupid inconsequential things. I didn't ask him how he was doing. I didn't hug him close. Too tall and bony and gangly and teenagery for me to do that and we are not, generally, a family give over to excessive displays. I probably talked to his parents too, I can't remember what I said to his Mum. I wish I could. I wish I could remember every conversation we ever had, crystal clear. I wish I could remember more than childhood snatches and pieces- the smell of strawberry lip-balm in her bedroom when she was still in her late teens/early twenties and I was a toddler-pretending-to-be-a-dog. Her fear of snails. Asking her, when she was pregnant, what it was like; realising her shape had changed with pregnancy; worrying about this baby, this boyfriend who would mean she wouldn't be nearby anymore all the time. I think about things - genealogy, photography-repair, cleaning, things that she was always doing or talking about and wonder about her papers and wish, wish, I'd had time to go through them with her. She brought me the family tree work she'd been doing to show me once but Bean...he always wanted me to come and play, not sit with his parents and the grown-ups.

Not a day goes by that I do not censor my thoughts to my colleagues because a casual mention of them makes the others uncomfortable. Sometimes, I catch my reflection in the mirror and I see him. I worry that my hair reminds the others of his, in colour, or hers, in the excessive amount of work it takes to defy laws of gravity. I worry I remind the others of them too much.

Next week is Nanny's 81st. I'm afraid it cannot be as joyful as we were a year before. I don't know if we, as a family, can ever have that back.
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Things I would like to do today:

Stay indoors.
Do a couple of hours of uni-reading
Read more of my Roald Dahl book.
Work on my essay.
Attempt to write a short story about a mysterious trail of bananas Snoopy found yesterday.
Clean the bathroom
Clean the kitchen and set up the new toaster
Chop more of the branches down to size.

Be able to write this list without being interrupted to check the euro lottery tickes and then again to ring my Nanny and ask 'if she has got the papers because Mum is going for petrol and can pick them up for her then'.

Things I will not get to do today:

All of the above.

Instead we are going 'out for a treat' to Boundary Mill which is a big outlet shop at the end of the Motorway.

For a treat.
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Yesterday The Muppet Christmas Carol was on Film Four. I watched it and finished off the last of the Christmas wrapping for the Children's Nativity Paegent and made a small start on the present wrapping for actual family and friends.

I also blubbed for most of the film. Don't get me wrong, it's always been a tearjerker with Scrooge's face when he realises that the unwanted creature in the game is him and of course Everything About Tiny Tim Particularly When Played By Robin. But this year is hard, doing a lot of the normal stuff is very hard indeed but at the same time, for an undefinable reason which I hope isn't simple obstinacy, I keep making myself do the things I enjoy, and have always enjoyed, even if now it's all mixed up and teary.

God bless us, every one.

Back to work tomorrow after having a day off to continue doing stuff for and on the house. Part of me hates going back in, there's so many other things I need to do, but the rest of me is grateful that I can point myself at a task or a worry and forcibly seek resolution. And if a certain consultant hasn't replied to my multiple messages WOE BETIDE HIM, is all I can say. I shall find my way down to his clinc if this carries on.
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I'm alive!!

And apart from itching abominably everything was well. I've got about half an hour now to unwind after work before I'm trogging up the road to Mass at John Fisher's. Then I have to come home and pack my little overnight back for a weekend visitng my friend C in Sheffield. I shall have to bring back a present for Mum who has been a darling and went to the library today for me to get out two books- the second Dresden Files (Fool Moon) and a book about the history of public houses in the local area. The second was suggested to me on facebook where a man had posted a list of old pubs and I asked if he would have any information on who owned them. My Great Great (Great?) Uncle owned a local pub which was demolished long before I was born and I wanted to find out what it was called and such.

I have found out a little so far but sadly no pictures have emerged as yet- I hold out hope though google-fu has been defeated. When Uncle Mickey owned the pub (until 1944) the town was part of Lancashire (some would argue it still is- we still appear in the Lancashire charter), but when the lines were redrawn they joined us with the town over the river and we became one borough. There is a pub over the water that exists now which has the same name as Uncle Mickey's old pub, so all searches for the local area on google fu show me photos, reviews etc from the Runcorn pub.

Ah well, at least I learnt a little bit more. And I can take the books on the train with me tomorrow- it's an hour and a half to Sheffield so that will give me things to entertain myself with.
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The heatwave continues apace, but it is not solely to blame for my absence this past week. You see, a few weeks ago when we bought the wallpaper for my new house, my Nanny absolutely fell in love with one particular paper. Ann, our family friend and Wallpaper-Putter-Upper-Extraordinare gave us the Eyebrows and said she had an idea. My Nanny was to go in hospital for a week to have a new knee and why didn't we redecorate the living room why she was away.

This was always going to be a big job, for one thing most of us are in work and for another the wallpaper currently put up was put up by my Nanny in the Summer of '86, and as I discovered when spending three painful weeks scraping at my bedroom walls: Nanny put things up to STAY.

Of course none of us could have predicted that our efforts would be hampered by two other large factors:

The first is this insane heatwave, this past week I'm sure must be one of the hottest weeks on record, scraping a living room with a steamer from the late 70s billowing out through its valve as well as the nozzle is really, really horrible when you're already melting.

The second is this:

 photo IMG_0252.jpg

His name is Snoopy and last week he was nine weeks old. He had been passed through three homes in that time, purely because someone had bought him as a wrong-headed present for his girlfriend, who then passed it to her mother who quite sensibly knew she would not be able to look after a dog as she works away...and so the long and the short of it is he is now Auntie Irene's (totally should be MINE *grumble grumble*).

So our little plan just got ten times harder. That said, Ann is a marvel and we managed it!

I was not so successful on my other quest which was to source a temporary wheelchair for Nanny so that she can go to church and the Southport Flower Show. This continues.

Mum did manage to dismantle her bed and put it up in Nanny's parlour though, so she doesn't have to face the stairs just yet. She is okay, but very sore and the anaesthetic and ferrosulphate both make her nauseous. She is also very sleepy which she finds frustrating, but not as frustrating I suspect as she will find having to use the walker and the crutches once the sleepiness and sickness wear off.

Work on the New House has understandably plateaued this week, but to be honest everything now awaits the Loft Man and the Plasterer. Once both have been we can then decorate the Study and the Front Room, then paint the "hallstursnlandin" and get carpets.

After that...!! I hope we can manage to move forward soon. I'm exhausted!
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My morning has been very weird. I thought my alarm was going off, and I kept hitting snooze because everything aches. I kept pressing snooze, turning over, pretending it wasn't morning. Then when my alarm went off again I finally put on my glasses and squinted at the clock. 6am. The time my alarm should normally go off.

Apparently from about 2am onwards I had been clicking the snooze button but my alarm shouldn't have been going off and my mother in the next room did not hear the alarm go on- only me tossing and clicking the snooze button. Weird? Very.

BUT THEN, after I'd got dressed I went up to check my clock. We'd had a power outage at some point yesterday because when I went to bed last night I had to reset the time on my clock as it had lost it. This morning, I pressed the button to check whether the alarm setting had been affected. According to my clock the alarm was set for 12NOON?!?!?! WTF? It definitely went off at 6 didn't it? Even if I dreamt all the other times?

I have no idea.

My arms were all enfeebled after yesterday. Nanny had told me to begin by scrubbing the kitchen from ceiling to floor, and then to scrub the bathroom, which I did, although I've found that with the shower I'm going to need to see if anyone knows how to take the glass doors off the sliders because despite injuring myself twisting to scrub with a toothbrush all of the sealant stuff needs taking off, scrubbing and new putting on. I'm hoping one of my Uncles who owns a similar model will come for a nosy at the weekend and will help. Auntie I painted half of the utility room ceiling whilst I took the dog out that evening as well. Everyone is being really helpful but it is terrifying how daunting everything it. It's all cosmetic stuff for the most part (barring a couple of things I need to get workmen in for) but I have never so much as painted a wall before, I feel incredibly incompetant and need people giving me simple instructions.

Today mum's car is going in for its MOT so she's borrowing Betty to take Nanny to the hospital for an appointment. My task is to start stripping the walls in what will be the study. HOWEVER this is dependant upon Auntie I having left the steamer out for me and potentially Nanny having some spare scrapers as ours have gone AWOL apart from one really big sharp one and one tiny tiny tiny one. If these are not left out for me I will find myself disturbingly unstructured.

Right, dashing about like a mad hen time now, Mum's running late.
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Super Suprise Party for Nanny's 80th? SUCCESS :D.

I am very impressed with my crazy, crazy Family after last weekend, for the party and the suprise both succeeded. Uncle Peter and John had invited her to stay at the same park where their Retreat is but she had no idea that Uncle Paul & Auntie Janet were coming to stay in their caravan and Mother and I had also booked another of the statics to stay. On Friday as we arrived we then found out Mum and I were staying next door to her! Luckily it was easy to find as the twins & their SOs had arranged with the cleaners to get in early and festooned Nanny's caravan in banners, balloons and streamers. She was just settled in when the door opened and THE WRONG TWIN walked in to the one she expected, followed by Auntie Janet and Mum and me. She was so surprised! Then, for the soiree the next day I'd got a big poster printed and Uncle Peter and John had a giant carboard cut out of the queen which we glued Nanny's face to and put it in the window of The Retreat, again festooned in bunting and things, and so Nanny arrived to see not only that but my other Aunties, Uncles and also my cousins Zog and Bean (sadly, Prawn couldn't come as he had an exam on Monday). She was so happy! And just generally spoilt all weekend we ate delicious food and talked, drank tankards of tea and it was really, really great.

Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we pulled it off! Trying to keep a secret for so long that was this big was driving us all potty towards the end- I was worse than most as whilst the brothers and sisters conspired I kept getting sent to keep Nanny talking!

So yes, it was lovely and very relaxing to be in the middle of the nowhere with exceedingly limited mobile signal. I re-read Second Hand read The Graveyard Book and watched ParaNorman.

But back to work I am now. I have to give a very important presentation tomorrow evening. At the moment I am only mildly concerned, mostly because I'm too tired to work up to a full-scale panic I think. It'll be fine. As long as no one heckles.

The other reason my head has been up my rear for months is that I have been buying a house. This is a HUGE THING and very scary to someone who has lived in the same house all his life (truly, Mum actually told me "I got the keys for the house on Saturday and you arrived the following Tuesday"). All things being well I get the keys soon, although we aren't moving all in one go, Mum and I, as we have the luxury at the moment of not having to, so I can get into the New House and decorate and arrange for various workmen to come and Do Things to it before I have to actually put all the big furniture in. So that's good. Terrifying, but good.

*collapses in a heap* *only not really because I need to email the solicitors about some last minute stuff*
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I got into the library today to find I was set to go on the Mobile, which was nice. We had some tasks to do regarding stock-checking so I was relatively busy, even with only three regulars on the route. I split my lemon muffin from greggs with the driver which was very nice, and turned out to have lemon curd inside! Yum.

This afternoon I met up with my cousin Zog, and we had sandwiches and tea (well she had juice, as her preganancy is putting her off tea) and cake and chatted. I've wanted to meet up with her for a while now because I just don't get chance to see her much, considering that before she hit her awkward teenage years we were very close. We babbled about all sorts- they used to say I had the gift of the gab but I come by it honestly, Zog could talk for England. About the baby and The Family in those old mafia capital letters it sometimes needs to be referred to with, and stories we'd been told, plans etc. It was good. Did take us about four hours though! Haha. Time well spent, thoguh, I think, despite looming University tasks and books and suchlike. The older I get the more The Family frustrates me, but also the more determined I am that we stay "The Family". I don't want to look up one day and wave to someone across the street realising that years have gone by since we last spoke. There is a man who lives in the next street and says hello every morning as I'm on my way to work, I believe he married one of my Nanny's...cousins(?) not sure, but despite the fact we always say hello and pass the time, he is branched to the Family but he isn't in it, in this sort of absorbing sphere of life that we have, and I don't want to fall out of by my own sheer laziness!


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