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Essay submitted! *Quivers in terror*. It was deeply enjoyable, just on my final check-through, to find myself sitting reading aloud from it and envisaging myself engaging in lively academic discussion with bright-eyed bushy-tailed things who found the MANY concepts that I did not have the time nor the wordcount to explore, fascinating. Ended up pondering the origin of humankinds' penchant for fiction and storytelling and wishing I was a bit better at history, particularly ancient history, than I am. It would be interesting to explore further.

Anyway, due to the whole I HAVE AN ESSAYDEADLINEMUSTWRITEMUSTFOCUSORWILLDIEADEATHOFDEATHS, I was very bollocks at 12 days of Christmas this year so have spent the beginning of the evening reading all the wonderful fics available on there.

I only managed to complete one fic for the challenge, and is as follows:

Title: Homesickness
Fandom: Hollis Family Series by Michelle Magorian (Mostly Cuckoo In The Nest)
Ship: Gen
Disclaimer: I don't own either of the two main characters in this tale, although I do own all the extras.
Summary: : Written for 12 Days of Christmas Challenge 2011-12. Commiserations. John ‘Digger’ Hollis and Basil ‘Toff’ Duke served in the same regiment. When they meet again, they embrace, laugh, and talk for hours, and Basil’s influence challenges John’s inborn prejudices concerning theatre and the upper classes. This is a short moment from the beginning of an unlikely friendship

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