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I didn't post this yesterday because I had a wonderful time visiting my friend for a New Year's Eve gathering. Mum and I have never done anything on New Year's Eve before and it was so very lovely we had a wonderful time and today we were straight out again to take Nanny to Mass and then spend the afternoon with her, walk the dogs and get drenched to our underthings in the showers. Lol. Auspicious start to the year, anyway!

In 2013 I read 61 books and watched 21 films

This is, for the first time since I started recording, an increase in books (last year I read only 40) but an absolutely enormous drop in films (last year I saw 44). There are many reasons for this- buying the house and family commitments that have kept me away from the television, and equally a need for the comfort and escapism that books provide much more thoroughly for me than films- you can't 'drift off' in the same way from a book because the story waits for you to return your eyes to it.


Best Book I Read for the First Time in 2013 was:

I've read several marvellous books for the first time this year including The Opaque Garden by Anna C. Jones, Kalmari 1 by H. Stilwell and The Black Land by M. J. Wesolowski, but I think overall I shall have to say 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff. I have wanted to read this book after hearing an article on BBC Radio 4 about the story about five years ago. Only trouble was? I couldn't remember the title or author, only that 'it was a street in london and about a bookshop' so I was in PAROXYMS OF GLEE when I found it in the library and realised that THIS WAS IT. I have re-read it again since then because it's just wonderful.

The Worst Book I Read in 2012 was:

I cant decide between The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim by Jonathan Coe which was just MISERY MISERY ALL IS MISERY FOREVER OH HOW CAN IT GET ANY WORSE? OH LOOK IT JUST GOT WORSE. Or Black Cat by Martyn Bedford which had a good premise but was quite hard going and then just turned terrible by CUT FOR BIG SPOILER )

The Funniest Book was:

You Made Me Late Again! by Pam Ayers. It's Pam Ayers, she's awesome.

The most poignant/moving book:

Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt I SOBBED INTO MY BATHWATER but it was very very beautiful.

Favourite Re-read/Old Favourite:
I did a lot of re-reading this year but probably The Children of Green Knowe by Lucy M. Boston and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens but I did also re-read for the millionth time On Writing by Steven King I owe such a lot to it.

Full List of my Books for 2013: http://listography.com/localfreak/books/books_of_2013


The Best Film I Watched in 2012:

Not much to choose from this year but probably Iron Man 3. Sorry, Wolverine, I liked you in parts but the plugged 'bullet train' was really a bit dull.

The Worst Film I watched in 2012:

Hercules I never saw it when it came out, although our Prawn loved it. I see my childhod instincts were correct, it is SO BORING.

The Funniest Film Was: either Iron Man 3 or Paranorman. It's a bit weird to look back though because we watched the latter on the campsite for Nanny's 80th birthday party which, of course, is now the last time I saw the kid alive. :-( so it's hard to remember really,but I think we found it hilarious and I was going to lend it to him.

The Most Uplifting Film Was: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Favourite Re-Watch:

Same as above. I love Muppet Christmas Carol.

Full list of my films for 2013: http://listography.com/localfreak/movies/films_of_2013


Apr. 30th, 2013 09:34 pm
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So in a way to end the torture collapse happily after all this essay panicking on Monday, after spending the day doing Uni work I went to see Iron Man 3

cut in case of SPOILERS )

I’ve put all my reaction under a cut because quite frankly, when I’m trying to avoid being spoilered for something I want to see, even knowing whether someone I know liked it or didn’t like it can potentially affect my actual viewing and I don’t want to do that to anyone.

In other news I have spent this evening recording from tape to mp3 a recording made by my Auntie's father for the Imperial War Museum Archive about his experiences as a soldier. What has struck me most is how odd it is to hear a proper local accent, like the ones I heard as a child- all of us seem to have altered since then- not just my generation but the older gen-s too. I sound most myself now when reciting things learnt from very early childhood I think
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In 2012 I read 40 books and watched 44 films

This is (once again) a decline in books (last year I read 45) but an increase in films (last year I watched 37).

I think I could attribute some of my drop in the books both to reading some rather hefty tomes and also a lot of Uni reading. (and fic, always the fic).

Best Book I Read for the First Time in 2012 was:

I kind of want to say one of the Temeraire books I read, but the problem is I can't actually remember what happened in which book. So probably Robbie Ross: Oscar Wilde's True Love by J. Fryer

The Worst Book I Read in 2012 was:

Becoming Jane Eyre by S Kohler it had random pointless obsessions with sex and sex parts early on which (figuratively at least) dropped off but the book never really recovered.

The Funniest Book was:

Wow, again, I don't read many funny books do I? Was probably The Masters of Sitcom from Hancock to Steptoe by C Stephens it's non-fiction but included a lot of extracts from scripts.

The most poignant/moving book:

The Book Thief by M Zusak

Favourite Re-read/Old Favourite:

I re-read What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge which is one of my absolute favourites. I also however re-read On Writing by Steven King which I (again) couldn't bear to put down.

Full list of my books of 2012: http://listography.com/localfreak/books/books_of_2012


I don't usually do New Year's Resolution. But last year I privately resolved that, now my home town has a cinema, I would Go To The Pictures More, even if it meant going on my own. By my reckoning I saw 14 films at the cinema, just over 1 per month which I am very pleased about.

The Best Film I Watched in 2012:

I watched A LOT of awesome films. At the pictures I particularly loved Avengers Assemble but I also loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Rise of the Guardians quite a lot.

Also following the Avengers I then watched A LOT of superhero films this year and fell madly for Iron Man and Iron Man 2 (BLACK WIDOW!). I watched a lot of seriously cool stuff this year.

The Worst Film I watched in 2012:

The worst film I watched at the cinema was undoubtedly We Bought a Zoo which was (in turns) dull, predictable, tripey, lacking in animals and ever so slightly culturally insensitive (Fine so you took a RL story based in the UK and set it in the USA? That's fine. What isn't fine is then having the Zoo's Grand Opening on 7/7. It just felt like...seriously lost in translation here. And it was boring.

The worst film I watched all year however has to be A Christmas Carol the Musical which happened to be the only Christmassy thing on telly the Saturday before Christmas, when I was putting up the tree. WORDS FAIL to fully explain the mawkish, badly acted, badly directed schmaltz that totally lacked any of the sublteties that provide the needed tension in the story. Fail. Bad film. If it was a choice again between that or Jeremy Kyle...okay so it would still win but I would not be so quick to make that call.

The Funniest Film Was: probably either Avengers Assemble or Rise of the Guardians. Or My Best Friend Is A Vampire

The Most Uplifting Film Was: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Because it was WONDERFUL.

Favourite Re-Watch:

Either Passport to Pimlico which is one of my all-time-absolute favourite films or Basil, the Great Mouse Detective

Full list of my films for 2012: http://listography.com/localfreak/movies/films_of_2012
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If I had one this entry would have [personal profile] still_lycoris's tag "I has a social life". I am exhausted


Friday was our work's Christmas do at a Masquerade Party at Knowsley Hall. We got out of work a little early with those who weren't coming minding the office to have time to tittivate etc. However on Friday the entire area was also plunged into thick fog from about 8.30am FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. What the hell?

Okay the party. It was a bit cramped but the show was exceptionally awesome to watch the singers were terrific and there were different dances and stuff and that was awesome.

Two out of the Three Courses were very good. The waiting staff were excellent and incredibly well organised to serve about 2000 people in one go.

The DJ was someone from Radio City. I didn't like him because he was vulgar and talked too much over the songs.

So yes overall it was a good night and not too pricey for what it was (ignore the prices on the website link- this was a night specifically discounted th public sector workers so the vast majority attending were from hospitals in the area. It was worth the price we paid, not sure it would be worth the full whack.


Went with Nanny and Mum to see The Lion King at the Palace in Manchester.

We had a bit of issues at first: we didn't know that Everton were playing Man City so the trains were packed, although people very chivalrously gave up a seat for Nanny so that wasn't too bad.

When I booked the tickets it didn't say restricted leg room, it said restricted view. To be honest even if it had said leg room I probably would have got them because I bought them in August before the show's run extended (it's now in into the new year) and they were the last set of three seats together, and also Nanny's legs weren't as bad. Lately she's been having problems with her knee and, aside from the fact the steps to our seats were insanely steep she was in pain at the beginning and we ended up going out with her. Luckily, the usherettes were very nice and after getting Nanny a drink to take her tablets with they let her stand for the performance at the back, which Nanny said she wanted to do because she was enjoying the show so much. Still I will remember this in future!

The show itself was AWESOME. BREATHTAKINGLY BLOODY AWESOME. Timon was just beautifully played, absolutely beautiful (Timon has always been my favourite) and the acting was great, Rafiki was brill and just all the puppetry and costumes-! Wonderful, absolutely marvellous.

Weirdly too, Saturday was the 1st December. When the Lion King came out we went to see it for my best friend's eighth birthday, which was on the 2nd December so it was kind of odd-awesome to be going to see it the weekend of his twenty-sixth! I sent him a message to that effect and he just replied saying that he still knew all the words to it :D. I'm not suprised we were mad for the Lion King. I had a little Pride Rock with plastic toys inside and also a cuddly Timon with grub. The first sheet music I ever bought was The Lion King and P and I played it constantly with all the songs, parts and all.

So yes, Lion King was overall awesome. We got back in the dark and went for fish 'n' chips at the chippy by Nanny's which was also scrummy.

On Sunday I suddenly realised I'd got out of synch with my Uni weeks and instead of needing to post my presentation before next Monday I needed to post it NOW Right Now As Soon As Possible. So most of Sunday was spent hammering it all out in a word document with references and pictures because I'd left the powerpoint slides I intended to used saved on my computer at work. So guess what I did instead of having a lunchbreak today?


I'm in work until gone seven p.m. tomorrow night too which is a bit stressy. Our poetry group have a visiting poet coming...I hope it is next Wednesday and not this Wednesday as he's going to look at our work and I have NOTHING NEW TO GIVE.

And now I need to go and put a wardrobe together.
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Went to see Dark Shadows today. It was okay... SPOILER CUT )

I'm a bit twitchety at the moment for various reasons including the fact I was on the phone to a lady in work on Friday and I've just realised that I've accidentally given her the wrong information. I can ring her first thing on Monday to correct this but it doesn't stop my stupid stomach tying itself in knots. :(
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Just got back from the seeing We Bought a Zoo at the pictures.

My Thoughts - under a cut for SPOILERS )


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