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Title: Strays Author: snarklyboojum Fandom: Avengers Ship: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes Wordcount: 33,555 URL:  Summary: After finding himself alone for the first time in decades, the Winter Soldier l…

Source: Avengers Rec: Strays by snarklyboojum

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Today I went to get the lottery tickets after getting my monthly haircut and was asked for age identification by the lady in the shop. As I am ONE WHOLE HORRIFYING DECADE older than the minimum age to buy tickets I was mildly pleased. On my way back to The New House, taking time to facebook this fact whilst walking (because I haven't totally lost my 'down with yoof' yet) some boys who had been hanging around the chippy all afternoon approached me politely.

"Scuze me. Will you go the shop for us?"

"No, sorry love." I replied.

How funny that one minute I am de-aged and in the other feel so very old! Of course I wouldn't go in for them, there will be plenty of people who will, but truthfully for a moment there I honestly FORGOT that of course the kids used to do that all the time when I was one. Usually for fags or booze, at their age (which I'd estimate between 13-15) more likely to be fags.

Didn't get a lot done on the house today, but did manage a sneaky slip to the library to get out De Profundis between reading that and Rum, Sodomy and the Lash I feel I need something frothy to balance it out. So far am managing quite well be re-reading Pirate Vindaloo by Elessil and Hippediva (Sparrington) (in keeping with the sailors and sodomy theme, naturelment.
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I haven't posted for a while- I have written posts but mostly things have either been too boring for words or else too depressing/personal to actually post. Nothing much has changed now except that I am PROCRASTINATING LIKE MAD. I have booked the day off work tomorrow to work on my essay. Right now what I should be doing is reading my Globalisation textbook and writing an essay plan rather than starting planning the essay and then getting off-track by pondering concepts. (Normally pondering concepts would be good for a portion of the essay, but the wordcount is refreshingly tiny which means that meanderings about the feasibility of terms that concern 'global' or 'world' that may or may not take into account only limited interpretations of both as spaces of being and also legitimises certain cultures and areas over others leads to an issue of the question's premise would be An Extravagance I cannot afford.)

So, what is the thing to do when one is procrastinating? FANFIC


Title: The Ambassador
Author: knkfics
Ship: Gen
Link: http://avengerkink.livejournal.com/5102.html?thread=5924846#t5924846
Summary: PROMPT: I'd love a fic that deals with Steve being taught to use present-day tech, and how he takes to some of it naturally but has a harder struggle with other gadgets. For example, he practically has a meltdown learning how to use a cellphone, but is pretty taken with the iPod and enjoys searching for old 40s songs to put on it. And I would LOVE it if Coulson is the one who is assigned to aid Steve in these learning experiences, and he swings between being in awe of getting to teach things to Captain America, and wanting to shoot himself because OH MY GOD IT'S NOT THAT HARD YOU JUST PUSH THE BUTTON BY THE SYMBOL OF THE LITTLE RED PHONE TO TURN IT OFF. Lots of Coulson and Cap bonding and friendship would be awesome. :p
Man out of Time Time Travel (only in the Cap sort of way) modern technology learning friendship Artist!Steve

Title: All-American Soldier
Author: CrunchySalad
Ship: Steve Rogers/Paul Cadmus/Jared French, Bucky Barnes/Rock Hudson
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/425095
Summary: Steve enjoys the 1940s gay scene in NYC.
[Know me? You knew I'd have to rec it. I know sadly only small amounts about the history of the queer scene in the USA as I've mostly focussed nearer to home- I am now waiting for a Cap Meets Kenneth Williams fic by the way, I would DIE of happiness for that one!-- but this rang really well, although I didn't even notice Rock Hudson in there if it hadn't been for the pairing list at the top *for shame*. Kind of sad in that it ends and really what I'd love is like MORE MORE MORE MAKE IT EPICALLY LONG OH PLEASE but it is a really sweet fic and I enjoy it very much...Steve knows ALL the Polari- New York and then in Showbiz ;) ;)]


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