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Been working on this one for a while and after a weekend sobbing pitifully over a uni assignment, I promised myself once I'd read the last 22 papers I would finish it up and post it.

Title: All of us, mourners
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship: Gen
Summary: AU in which Petunia and Lily's parents are still alive when Lily and James are killed.

In the wake of her sister's death, Petunia comes to realise that while families are never as perfect or fair as they should be, that doesn't mean you can't mourn together.

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or click here to read at Ao3
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I wrote a thing. In somewhat shaky iambic pentameter (or..pentameter at least)

Title: Comrades Abroad
Ship: (unrequited) Iago/Othello
Fandom: Shakespeare's Othello

A queer reading of the text 'Othello' can be taken in two ways- firstly, that Othello himself presents very much the type of machoistic man who, at the time of Shakespeare, could potentially be more interested in the company of men. OR, secondly, that Iago's schemes stem from a confused lust and hatred for Othello in equal terms.

This is simply a suggestion based on the latter reading, set as if it were a prequel to the events within the play itself.


*dances off to contemplate a part 2 to try and get people to stop solliloquising and start shagging*
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Title: Heaven is too far out of Reach
Fandom: Welcome to Nightvale
Ship: Carlos/Cecil (of course)

Carlos doesn't feel well. And being trapped in a mysterious bubble is definitely worse than Throat Spiders.

(Warning for one off colour joke. Neither I nor the mysterious bubble actually intended it to occur but I, as a self-identifying queer person, and my fictional Carlos both found it amusing and so it stayed but I realise that, as in my country of origin the reference is not routinely used, it may cause offence to others. It is not intended to do so)

Disclaimer: I don't own Night Vale. Do we really own anything at all? Even ourselves?
Also, I wrote this whilst drugged out of my tree on cold medication I did not see where this was going as it took a distinct detour from the story I thought I was writing. Oh, and the title is from the Rachel Stamp song 'Metallic Peach'. Because earworms+throat spiders.

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Or read it here at Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2463380/chapters/5461937
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I'm off sick from work. My brain is all fuzzled and my throat is like razor wire. So for some reason best known to myself I've posted a fic.

Title: Nevertheless (Despite Their Sins)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship: Gen
Summary: Post-War. Hermione travels to Australia to face up to what she has done.
Click Here to Read on Ao3

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I don't even know what my brain is thinking at the moment beyong 'oh gosh, my throat hurts' and 'I feel dizzy and worried about work'. Also the title is from the Jake Thackray Song 'Family Tree'. Just because awesome.
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Title: Not Quite Lacan
Fandom: The Avengers
Ship: Gen
Length: 763 words
Summary: Just a short piece of character exploration. Natasha, on moving in to the tower, makes a small adjustment to the layout of her rooms.

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Or here to read it on Ao3

Disclaimer: I do not own them, no profits made by this fic, pure fun whilst trying to get my head around the fascinating, and yet terrifyingly blank, Natasah Romanov.
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Title: Going Home
Fandom: BBC!Sherlock
Ship: Gen
Summary: How Lestrade heard the news of Sherlock's death (spoilers for S2 E3- RBF) - a reaction fic
Disclaimer: Don't make any money on them, totally not mine just stealing them to try and wake my brain up by scribbling ficlets.

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Title: Fridwulfa and the Little Wizard-Man
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ships: Gennish with references to Fridwulfa/Hagrid Sr
Summary: Fridwulfa liked the little wizard-man who had moved to live so close to them... [A small character exploration]

[Written after drinking stimulant drinks and then attempting to sleep. I woke up the next morning wired and with plot!]

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Essay submitted! *Quivers in terror*. It was deeply enjoyable, just on my final check-through, to find myself sitting reading aloud from it and envisaging myself engaging in lively academic discussion with bright-eyed bushy-tailed things who found the MANY concepts that I did not have the time nor the wordcount to explore, fascinating. Ended up pondering the origin of humankinds' penchant for fiction and storytelling and wishing I was a bit better at history, particularly ancient history, than I am. It would be interesting to explore further.

Anyway, due to the whole I HAVE AN ESSAYDEADLINEMUSTWRITEMUSTFOCUSORWILLDIEADEATHOFDEATHS, I was very bollocks at 12 days of Christmas this year so have spent the beginning of the evening reading all the wonderful fics available on there.

I only managed to complete one fic for the challenge, and is as follows:

Title: Homesickness
Fandom: Hollis Family Series by Michelle Magorian (Mostly Cuckoo In The Nest)
Ship: Gen
Disclaimer: I don't own either of the two main characters in this tale, although I do own all the extras.
Summary: : Written for 12 Days of Christmas Challenge 2011-12. Commiserations. John ‘Digger’ Hollis and Basil ‘Toff’ Duke served in the same regiment. When they meet again, they embrace, laugh, and talk for hours, and Basil’s influence challenges John’s inborn prejudices concerning theatre and the upper classes. This is a short moment from the beginning of an unlikely friendship

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