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For those of you (if there is indeed a 'those of you' to be addressed here) who friended me in more recent times one of the first fandoms I was actively involved with (along with HP) was Savage Garden.

I owe a lot to that fandom, which was smaller than some but popular enough that there were some marvelous writers (and the not-so-marvelous, not gonna lie, myself probably included). I still remember Callycat's heartbreaking angst fics (oh so many. I suspect, but cannot confirm, that it was from these fics I learnt what AIDs was apart from "a terrible disease they show on Comic Relief") I learnt a lot about sex, about romance and sexualities from those fics. Fics by LindaG, Stine, Lunaflower and of course Carolyn, whose astonishingly well-plotted fics came late to the fandom but taught me a lot about authorial spark (I can't remember what her tag was back then but she's Oh my Cee on twitter now).

The fandom lasted for a good while after the group's disbandment, but ultimately everyone began to disappear. I found LindaG somewhere else on the internet once, blogging about non-fandom things, and as I have said, Carolyn is on twitter periodically, but mostly everyone has disappeared.

I still worry about Callycat every time I think of them.

But I digress. There is a new album release out called 'Savage Garden-The Singles' - a collection of their old hits, including 'She' which was never released.

So the notification came up on my facebook page- as usual Savage Garden and Darren Hayes' pages both updated within seconds- it is always obvious that it is Darren Hayes and his team that maintain the page. Anyway so then Darren posts a link on twitter to an interview he did with Renowned for Sound about the release.

And on the webpage there is a link to An interview with Daniel (rarity of rarities) on the same.

And well, I don't want to influence your judgement but I thought that cut for opinionated spoiler )

...But BY HEAVEN I wish I knew what the fandom people would be saying right now.

Heart attack, you stabbed me in the back. It's whack your mind is jack, how did anybody ever get like that?

I should kiss your dirty lips for bringing me my clarity. And now the truth has let me see, how your lies have buried me

And I felt your slipping fingers, and I saw you change your mind. If I hadn't dragged you in with me you would've let me dive without you

Every angel has dirty hands, even Judas planned to just carry on. Still picking up the pieces of those lies behind those sorrowful eyes you can walk away
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I like crossover fiction. Not ALL crossover fiction, obviously, but I like stories where, for example, a character in one fandom time or dimension (or both!) travels to another and has to learn to live there, as a general rule. It is nothing new and sometimes it can introduce me to new fandoms- I learnt more from LOTR from reading cheesy HP/Crossovers (although weirdly I only ever like ones in which Harry/Ron/Snape land in Middle Earth, I don't like the Hobbits coming to Hogwarts), but crossovers sometimes can be just FUN. I love the famous Billionaire Boys Club series, for example, where Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark knew each other from childhood. I like Harry Potter landing at Xavier's school (or I would, except I've only found one good fic for this niche, and it is a permanent WIP), I like esama's brilliant story in which Harry Potter, Master of Death, ends up in BBC!Sherlock world and becomes an object of Mycroft's absolute fascination. I like the fics where Bernard Black is actually one of Sirius Black's relations, and ones where he is secretly a Holmes. Or where Harry is 'Mummy' and James and Albus Severus are Mycroft and Sherlock.

So yes. I like crossovers. But it is quite a niche, and that means quite often the number of really excellent fics written that press my buttons right is very small. In Avengers fandom, Loki is probably the most well travelled and (I'm sorry okay!) most of the time that doesn't work for me. I get bored. There's also a lot of Avengers-as-Hogwarts Students which also doesn't work for me; I think it is because I very rarely like 'no-powers AUs' in any of my fandoms- to be magic, mostly, that means they lose their original backstories and I don't like that- which is why I'd prefer Harry or Ron or Hermione or whoever falling into their world but coming from their original dimension.

Except there's not much of this around yet. There's a LOT of HP crossover, but worryingly the kind of stuff I'd expect to trawl through on FFnet (just try looking for X-Men Wolverine/Gambit slash on FFnet, you'll see what I mean...or Harry Potter/X-Men crossovers- there's one or two decent the rest is SCARILY NOT FUN) on Ao3.

I just opened one now that began(I'm paraphrasing a little just to retain semblance of anonymity) "This is also on FanFiction under the same name written by the same author (me). I apologise for the grammar, I'm dyslexic so please no nasty comments. Also if you don't agree with or like mpreg, slash and/or creature fic's just please go away and save us all the trouble."

Now, I try not to be too much of a wanker about people apologising for grammar and spelling like that, because I know that I can be an ass about issues like that although try not to be purposefully horrible if it's obvious an author is doing their best and, quite frankly, if the story is good enough then I can ignore minor slips here and there- one of my favourite HP gen stories which I'm planning to re-read again soon has some absolute clangers of spellings and sentences but when I'm reading the story is so good I don't care. What bothers me more is when a story is badly written- it's not just spelling but when it's so bad it isn't really telling a story properly, it becomes impossible to follow the plot. FFnet is rife with stuff like that.

Which is why, when I read this I found myself starting to wince (" fic's ") and thinking 'Oh no, FFnet has invaded'.

I immediately realised what an asshole thing this was to think; I know, I'm a wanker. That doesn't however deny the fact that was my first feeling. I haven't read the fic yet, I'm just about to. Maybe it will be terrific, after all several authors I like apologise in advance for their grammar EVERY SINGLE FIC and yet I've never ever found anything seriously terrible about it- certainly their fics are brilliant fun and if there is the odd error here and there it doesn't compromise the fictionality or the sense of the piece.

At the same time, I looked at the other summaries for this particular crossover page. Suddenly, too, there are an awful lot of, for example female!Harry (Potter) with names like Jaylian Sparklight-Potter and Emerald Potter finding herself helpless (grr!) and abandoned in X-Men/Sherlock/Avengers fandom only to end up shagging Cyclops/Wolverine/Sherlock/Any-Male-Avenger-But-Mostly-Loki

And I can't help but worry. Ao3's filtering system is good but I don't think it's reached the stage where it can save me from the kind of FFnet turn out that I call 'the dross'.

So yes. I'm a snob. And an ass. And a wanker.

But I don't want to have to go back to the bad old days of spending obsessive hours trawling through fic in which characters showed as much life as wooden planks just to find the shiny nice ones.

Update: The fic, if anyone cared to know, was on the whole not great. The prose was a bit excessive (lots of Harry as 'the youth' 'the beautiful child' 'ebony hair' 'pearly white teeth' 'dazzling smiles' etc and the author has also demonstrated a total lack of knowledge in terms of where-the-carribean-is-in-relation-to-England-America-Afghanistan-Pretty-Much-Anywhere and a similar lack of research in UK households - the Dursley's hire a maid servant after Harry disappears. Not 'a woman who does' or a 'cleaner' but a maid servant...awkward!turtles) Oh an also has just described someone's cock as his 'instrument nestled between his strongly toned thighs' and 'his large strong organ' in the same paragraph. *cries*
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Got in from a nice evening at Poetry group. Earlier today an author I am following on Ao3 posted a small snippet, which I read on my phone and then realised it seemed to be spoilering me for Agents of SHIELD. Now in the UK that has been broadcast the Friday after its US airing, so I looked at the telly mag. No. Had I missed it? No. Was it in next week's telly mag? No.

I sense a disturbance the Force



"SHIELD will be returning to Channel 4 most likely in March (exact date tbc). This is so that we can air the remainder of the series at one episode a week with no more breaks in between episodes." - Ref- denofgeek.com


I have already stumbled on spoilers. Channel 4, words CANNOT DESCRIBE how much I hate you right now. I wouldn't have bothered getting interested in it if there hadn't been only 1-2 days lag time between US and UK broadcasts.

Avoiding THE ENTIRE INTERNET until March is really not an option.

I really don't want to download, to be honest I probably will end up not watching and just reading the fic summaries.

Really, really angry with Channel 4 right now. When I heard it was coming out in the US I purposely didn't get too excited because I thought it wouldn't come to us at all, and then of course was delighted when it did. Avoiding twitter for a couple of days,and fandom, wasn't too hard after all, but this-! Better they'd just never bothered showing it in the first place.

So okay guys, tell me: WHY IS TAHITI A MAGICAL PLACE?

Otherwise I'll just find out from fanfic and you know what crazy things I might get muddled into there.
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I'm off sick from work. My brain is all fuzzled and my throat is like razor wire. So for some reason best known to myself I've posted a fic.

Title: Nevertheless (Despite Their Sins)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Ship: Gen
Summary: Post-War. Hermione travels to Australia to face up to what she has done.
Click Here to Read on Ao3

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I don't even know what my brain is thinking at the moment beyong 'oh gosh, my throat hurts' and 'I feel dizzy and worried about work'. Also the title is from the Jake Thackray Song 'Family Tree'. Just because awesome.
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So I had a great time at lycoris' birthday party weekend. We hung out with cool people and not just any cool people but fannishly cool people, the kind of people I could spend my life hanging out with and not get bored with. This has made coming back to the Real World (where nobody wants to listen for more then ten minutes about waxing lyrical over fannishness, and not everyone knows or has considered what house they'd be Sorted into etc) somewhat difficult. Oddly, real life is compensating for this for me by being crazily busy. Seriously. This weekend I am going to a Viking Medieval Fayre (I KNOW. APPARENTLY THERE IS A CAKE IN THE SHAPE OF Mjolin, Mjonirr, Mudgm THOR'S HAMMER!) and I have also been invited to a Zombie Walk in a few weeks, then am going for a weekend to Sheffield to see Priscilla again, and then the week after that Rachel Stamp are playing.


In addition to this, I just got my first email from the Prof who is going to be my dissertation supervisor. Urk! So nervous!

And also I am so pleased Channel 4 are playing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. only a day after it shows in America. It makes being online a lot easier, especially as last night I wasn't online at all but was puppy-sitting. So yes! STUFF! What has happened there? I now have a whole THREE telly programmes to watch during the week (The Dresden Files, The Great British Bake-Off and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as well. I never used to have any of this. It's crazy.

(And okay, when house or puppy sitting also Big Bang Theory but that can't really count if I don't NORMALLY PLAN to watch it. It just has a catchy theme, okay?)


Apr. 30th, 2013 09:34 pm
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So in a way to end the torture collapse happily after all this essay panicking on Monday, after spending the day doing Uni work I went to see Iron Man 3

cut in case of SPOILERS )

I’ve put all my reaction under a cut because quite frankly, when I’m trying to avoid being spoilered for something I want to see, even knowing whether someone I know liked it or didn’t like it can potentially affect my actual viewing and I don’t want to do that to anyone.

In other news I have spent this evening recording from tape to mp3 a recording made by my Auntie's father for the Imperial War Museum Archive about his experiences as a soldier. What has struck me most is how odd it is to hear a proper local accent, like the ones I heard as a child- all of us seem to have altered since then- not just my generation but the older gen-s too. I sound most myself now when reciting things learnt from very early childhood I think
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I've given up fanfiction for Lent. I am trying to make this even include those fics on Archive Of Our Own which email direct to my inbox when they're updated. The Blind!Tony one in particular is KILLING ME. But then, it's meant to be hard and horrible and difficult to give up, otherwise it wouldn't be a Lent thing.

I've just finished reading Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. I am the first person to have it out of the library, I've had it on reserve since I knew a copy was being ordered.

I can't actually seem to stop sobbing. It was so very beautiful.

Life has lots in it at the moment also, which is possibly making me a little oversensitive.
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That somewhat creepy sight- walking home from seeing The Dark Knight Rises and not seeing a single pedestrian the whole way.

I really enjoyed the film, it had MANY explosions which was a definite good thing as for the first few scenes the man behind me, who must have nodded off during the usual half-hour of adverts, was snoring like a pig. After the first explosion? Snory McSnore stopped. So that was definitely good. And just...yeah. Good film. Wish I'd done what I said I was going to and re-watched the last two first because, particularly with Batman being DC, I was a bit 'Oh okay I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED WITH THIS LAST TIME' but then I remembered so it was all fine and cool and yay.

I have now seen a WHOPPING Twenty-Six Films so far this year. The next cinema plans? The Lorax, Brave (when it comes out NOT YET OUT YET THE BASTARDS) The Hobbit etc. Things I will be AVOIDING AT ALL COSTS: The Expendables 2, The Three Stooges and Keith Lemon: The Film yick. Just thinking about those last two makes me feel all squicky and cringey.

Going to go and see if I can find any fics which involve Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne being BFFs. Or bitching at each other. Either way!
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Despite not collecting Astonishing X-Men (apart from owning number 1) it was practically a given that I would be purchasing number 51. Aside from just general Northstar love ("I am GAY!"- trufax quote) my purchasing it was guarenteed for two major reasons, the first being the irrational collector desire to not miss out. I don't spend half my time watching the auctions for Incredible Hulk #181 ticking up to £500.00 without sighs of regret that I was not even alive in the 70s. Honest. Okay yes I do and damn it I was not missing out on this one! The second is of course my passionate love of all things gay. I listened to the first gay sex scene in The Archers with open mouthed adoration, despite not regularly caring about either I watched a week of Coronation Street just to see the first gay kiss (disappointing) and tuned in to The Archers at Uni just to hear the First Gay Wedding. It kind of had to be.

...time for the small, petty, disappointed ramble, because although the story is lovely...I was a bit deflated:

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Me: Hey, you have some shares somewhere don't you? How do shares work?
Them: I do have shares. But not exactly. They're not mine.
Me: Er?
Them: They're in my name but they are units under subsection S I G.
Me: So they're not shares?
Them: They're units.
Me: *taps ear* I think my babel fish has died. I have no idea what you just said.

And thus ends my lesson in the confusing world of financial thingummies.

The week has been crazy, we've been facilitating the student exams (that was Wednesday and Thursday but the day before was setting up the ward and the day after was catching up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's work), and then Friday was also a staff-awards-ceremony-thing so have had no room for collapse. In a few weeks C is leaving us for her new job. *sob sob sob* I don't know how we'll manage without her, and the pressure is on too because I need to write a poem for the occasion. Anyway there's going to be a whole thing and these girls are glam-our-us. So I've been trawling for clothes because most of my old stuff is too big and I've cleared out a load. I don't really like clothes shopping but today was pretty damn successful. Either I've managed to get an outfit for the thing OR if the one I have in mind is too casual I have the main bones of said outfit and am sure I can find something in the wardrobe to make it posher, and the planned outfic will be my Pride outfit.


Ahem. Yes. I was furious because the past two years I have wanted to go and have been in work and when I looked up the calendar this year I am also in work. BUT because the library now shuts at 1pm it looks like I can go home get ready and catch the train in and will only have missed the first couple of hours. Sent Shaunie a message and he has rough plans with his harem of various lgbtq & straight peeps to go so I shall be tagging along. I'm hoping to find more people I know to go too but there's still plenty of time.

August 4th people- if you're coming pride tell me and we'll meet and stuff. It'll be awesome. I've never been to a pride or anything before and I will be all sociable and stuff. There were some guys fundraising for it today in the city centre who were lovely.


I also spent an obscene amount of money on clothes including a Primani Batman T-Shirt= FTW. Sadly, they didn't have any Marvel in only Thundercats which I never watched. Then I went to worlds apart, manfully resisted buying a Daredevil T-Shirt....and then spent that money on MORE WOLVERINE instead. I bought: Wolverine #306, #307 UK Essential X-Men #32 and the book Wolverine Weapon X - Adamantium Men. Mwahahahahahah. Also I've ordered Astonishing X-Men #51 with the wedding between Northstar and Kyle because I HAVE TO OWN IT YES.
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BBC Sherlock fandom is awesome! I post 1 tiny, short snippet fic that I hammered out to try and wake my brain up and in less than twelve hours I've had more views,comments and kudos combined than I've EVER had on even my Harry Potter fics. The fandom is either awesome and easily pleased, or awesome and just as desperate for more Lestrade related fic as I am!

And now I have to tear myself away, go and get dressed and hide away the internet cable whilst I write an essay.
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It has rained continuously all day in the good old tradition of Easter Monday. The local council ensured that this would occur by initiating their yearly "rain dance" also known as "Putting on a Fair At the Park" which never fails! The South may be grateful, on the brink of a hosepipe ban as they are but I assure you us up North have more than enough already thank you.

I didn't actually mind as my plans today did not include going out. I have been relatively productive in that I have planned out my academic book review, answered last weeks module questions and also read Temeraire: Black Powder War by Naomi Novik.

AND watched the first episode of the new series of Horrible Histories, followed by the recording from the Horrible Histories at the Proms this afternoon. Sherlock fandom has ruined me utterly because Mark Gatiss is in the new series and I was all :D :D!. I mean don't get me wrong he's awesome (because he's a writer AND an actor and that's just like the most awesomest thing ever) it's just I never really noticed him before because most of the things he's written and/or been in haven't been my cup of tea (I did watch some of the league of gentleman but it's a bit beyond my usual humour really, and Wind in the Willows was okay but I am a staunch supporter of the Cosgrove Hall version), and now Sherlock fandom has got me hooked on him and him-as-Mycroft in particular waistcoatsaresexyokay? and...yes.

So somewhat productive. Actually thinking about going back to work gives me stomach ache as I will go back to face an enormous amount of deadlines, as if I haven't got enough of those Outside of Work to be going along with.

But then again I appear to be out of Mystrade fanfiction again, so I suppose I have a little more time than usual...
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The current readings for my module made me a little introspective over dinner Cut for Quazi Philosophical Ramblings I don't entirely understand myself )

In other news apparently someone in Warsaw tried to hack my facebook account today. Considering its sum total is links to Awesome Fan Videos like this one and pictures of the family pets and landscapes I can't conceive what they could possibly hope to gain from it. There's sod all on there of interest really.
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At work everyone in the office is signed up to those deal webasites- like Groupon etc- which offer vouchers and discounts which are usually completely pointless, particularly as most of us work and live in towns and Groupon goes by city, and there's not much chance of me driving into Liverpool for anything let alone 10% off a pedicure or something equally inane. Today, however, I spotted a bit of a gem.

cut for Image heaviness )

I sat chuckling all morning over this and no one understands! *sob*
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Went on Fandom Wiki for Savage Garden today. In some ways it was always going to bring back the most melancholy of memories. So many friends gone, so many fics and people disappeared into ether (Cally, if you are reading this I would still love just a tiny note telling me you are alright...). I am also vaguely amused to find that, despite it being my most active fandom ever, and so many of the fan-names being ones who I knew, and knew me, I have no mention in the annals of history. I didn't expect to, but when I saw the list with some of my old friends email penpals and the like it was strange to find I remained a ghost.

Perhaps some people are just born to be lurkers.

My copy of Secret Codes and Battle Ships arrived yesterday. So very beautiful!! <3

In other news I went arse-over-tete today down a ramp. Yowch! This merited my first trip over the road to A&E as, although I wasn't actually seriously hurt, with it being on work premises it needed to be noted. Bit bruised and achy but I'm otherwise okay.

Then of course I had to write my own Incident Report for the system. Which was something I could have done without.

Now I'm trying to motivate myself to do some studying. I actually enjoy most of it once I get into it (or will after Garfinkel Week is over.) It's just trying to motivate myself to keep going and not get distracted by, for example, shiny sherlockholmesfanfiction. Which I totally didn't spend yesterday night reading when I should have been working. Honest.
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Went to see Darren Hayes in Liverpool last night. He and his voice are absolutely beautiful

I didn't take pics because I felt it would distract me from the actual experience, and also because I was wearing extremely tight jeans which were already bulging with the necessity of carrying my phone, ID, rail card and an enormous amount of tissues as I have a headcold.

So here are some from my accumulated stash of Fanyboyishness pics under the cut )
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I'm a Ravenclaw on Pottermore.

I'm still in shock. Also judging by my gaming skills I may be the most useless Ravenclaw ever.

(Well, it was always going to be between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Apparently academia won over ego. Who knew?)
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I am a Flurry of Activity at the moment. Work is increasingly hectic, by which I mean my workload is increasing and yet my hours are not. Still no personal contact from the university or the course facilitators but on Monday the website refreshed and deleted all old posts so I've taken that as a good sign. No idea if this is meant to be week 1 or week 0 but I've drafted my seminar work anyway and will hopefully work through it and post it tomorrow or Friday. At least then it'll be done and I can make a start on Week 2.

In addition still have one very long video to edit and my Phil Rickman book came today! All this business is probably good because it stops me from looking at What They Have Done To Delicious. (The font is stupidly big, it hurts my eyes, I hate it, the end)- I still find myself wandering towards my firefox link to it to have a rummage for new fic. Not possible any more anyway and it's a horrid shock to the system every time. Unless things improve/I get used to it, I think I shall probably have to resign myself to keeping my bookmarks the old way- on word documents and with tags used by Ctrl+F - and occasional rec posts online so I can share things.
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As I continue to work on the Archive of Our Own Fic meme designed by [personal profile] ruuger one of the parts is to:

"Make a rec post in your journal with all the good fic you found while doing this meme, and then maybe link that post to the comments here so that others can enjoy the recs as well "

So here we go. (cuts for length)

Fandom: Harry Potter )

Fandom: BBC!Sherlock )

Fandom:LoTR )

Fandom:X-Men First Class )

So there are my recs so far. They are all brilliant, fantastic, wonderful, interesting, fascinating and fun so do go and read & comment/give kudos!


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