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We passed Wilko's today, selling signs for your house "Follow your dreams, they know where they're going."

Mum commented that I'd better not or I'd end up in The Other Place.

Last night I dreamt that Mum, Nan and I broke in (but we had a key) to St R's, which has been shut to us for a couple of years now. Inside there was my Auntie and several people from our old church- Mr G, and Busy Mary who, I noticed, had hair that looked a brilliant white- much brighter white than she wore it (and this is the creepy part) when she was alive.

So the benches are all there and Mrs H and other church regulars are creeping around amidst the muck and dust picking up the brasses and folding up all the cloths and I commented on how awful it was "Oh yes," Busy Mary said "and the cats have got in."

My Auntie I and I went up to the sacristy. Unlike the real sacristy, there was a trap door in the ceiling with a narrow ladder, I was to climb the ladder and as I did there was a shift and the skylight above me rained down Black Dust. Then a black and white cat appeared at the bottom of the ladder and started talking to me. I told it (as firmly as I dared) to go away and leave me alone and it made a swipe for my legs and tormented me a bit longer as I tried to get down off the ladder. I left the sacristy and went back- to find the church was filled with all our dogs. All of the. I could see my Auntie M somewhere around but along with Fern and Snoopy and Amber and Daisy Mae I saw Baby Jack, Auntie M's wolfhound who I loved dearly because he liked nothing more than being cuddled and I made my way through the excited dogs to him and stroked behind his soft ears while he leaned all over me while the others milled around and played.

Things became a bit disjointed then and there were some horrible things like realising I had to pick up this horrible poo and the muck everywhere but...all but Snoopy and Otto out of all the dogs are also long dead. And when I realised they might be ghosts, and Mary was dead too, I woke up.

So yes, Don't Follow Your Dreams if they're anything like mine. (As Mum pointed out, that talking cat definitely came from The Other Place). Admittedly I am also running a high temperature and everything hurts which has definitely made my dreams more vivid and bizarre than usual.

I also have two papers that I need to have written by Monday night - at least fully second drafted and just needing tweaking- in order to meet my deadlines without stressing about the show as rehearsals are hotting up. Though apparently my Nan informed people that the show was tonight not the 26-28th which is a bit annoying- did she think she was getting out of it?!? >:( Rest assured I will be treading the boards in (oh god) 19 days time not before (panics, cries, excited, oh god)
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