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My new laptop ceased working over the weekend. It wasn't shutting down properly and then stopped booting up properly, which I couldn't fix despite googling solutions on my phone so as it was under warranty I rang up only to find that basically they have no replacements to offer so it has had to go back and get set refund. In fairness to Tesco they didn't quibble about it or anything but to get a new one with spec as good as that bargain is gonna cost far more and in the meantime I'm mostly stuck with the tablet and my mobile with one charging adaptor between the two of them. So whilst it could be far worse, and my fan fiction addiction can be fed I am finding it very difficult to type. And I'm in the middle of an online future learn course...

And also had fabric editing I wanted to do, plus Yanno job specs and moneymaking schemes and bills to pay...


Also typing on here is a slow process. If I try to type faster it looks like this: and I 'll basically spend snob twice so s long typing head of TeEfhcm ducking sufficiency and he fact he is southern in doo slows to keeping up with me

Date: 2016-02-18 08:21 pm (UTC)
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Oh blaaaah. That sucks - I hate the feeling when one realises how much one uses one's laptop... when said laptop is busted. I am glad at least they aren't fighting you over it, and I hope you get a new one soon :(


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