Feb. 5th, 2016 10:32 am
localfreak: (Avada Kedavra!)
Today I have the day off, because I am taking my cousin out to the theatre tonight as her Christmas present. I booked the day off partially because I had leave to burn and the show is early so I would've had to have a half-day anyway to have time to get home and change.

I am sure I had other plans for today as well though I can't remember what they were. Because I kind of lost my job yesterday.

Well. Kind of. It's really complicated to explain- I don't mean like 'I'm out on my ear 'ole' or anything so dramatic. And really, when you think about it I'm no worse off than if the person whose role I'm seconded into ended up coming back. I'll either go back where I came from- sort of- to a different role- or there's some talk about basically me staying and just losing a pay grade. Unless I just leave. Either way sliding back down the greasy pole I've been unsuccessfully trying to climb for six years.

But at the moment all I can think of is that for a 30 year old virgin I have been shafted quite a lot over the past six years. And being practiced in being fucked over and drowning in humble pie doesn't actually make it any easier to take. But there was already a risk of this- that I would be slinking backwards like a bird with its wings clipped.

So instead I have so far finished the Simon Armitage book I have been battling with (All Points North and read Matt Haig's The Radleys in about two and a half hours flat. And stood in the kitchen taking advantage of being alone in the house for the first time in weeks to have a really good, protracted, howling at the void, crying session.

Which I am now going to recover from with a cup of tea and finding something OTHER than crisps to eat. Or chocolates.


Nov. 6th, 2015 09:02 pm
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It's been a funny old day. And yes, here I am, it's Friday Night, typing away at Task B of my course work.

Oh, hang on actually, I better save the buggering thing. Haha. Wordcount 800-1000 and I have written... 1,880. And still feel like its not enough for me to pass. It is ridiculously unrealistic.

We still have next to no lights upstairs in the house. Mum did have a brief look in the loft when it was daylight, but realistically I think it needs an electrician.

Also realistically, we've needed an electrition for two other jobs for over twelve months so it's going to be hard work pushing the mother to accept this and I may be dressing in the dark for the forseeable future.

It's been a funny old day today. Lots of good things but also quite a lot of worries for the future...and money...and things like that. But I am going to do my best to ignore them because I can't do anything about them and, also, I need to get on as I am off to Sheffield tomorrow to visit a friend of mine who has just become engaged and it will be LOVELY. I'm getting the ten past nine train, so everyone pray for an early sunrise, as I will have to pack my overnight bag in the morning when I can see my bedroom further than the lamp by my bedside will reach :-/.


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